10 Essential Tech Gadgets for Travellers

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Travelling is both an escape and a means to replenish one’s lost vigor. The laid back, and the adventurer both go vacationing. But what is most important to know before starting off is to pack some of the most essential tech gadgets such as power banks, earphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc that will make your trip indeed a memorable one. Thus, check out the top 10 essential tech gadgets for travellers.

  1. A high-quality DSLR

Topping the list, a DSLR is an essential device to capture all the moments that will make a fun memory one day, in HD.

  1. An efficient smartphone

Doubling up as a camera and a calling device, a smart phone helps capture those instant happenings that don’t allow time to adjust the DSLR. Add to it a good data sim to instantly update your social media profiles with all the fun and adventure you have been up to! Also, don’t forget to carry those earphones along to kill the idle time spent in transit.

  1. Power bank

To charge all the electronics you carry and never run out of battery, a superior quality power bank with a higher mAh rating is your third go-to thing in the list.

  1. Secondary storage (pen drive, external HDD) and an OTG cable

The plentiful videos you shoot and the numerous shots you capture will never ever worry or trouble you with losing out on device’s memory space. Just shift them into the external HDD or a pen drive of 16 GB or maybe higher at the end of the day and start the next day on a clean roll.

  1. OTG Cable

An OTG Cable is an ideal gadget which will be most required while you are travelling. It will help in transferring all the media files which will further help you in capturing new clicks and memories. It allows transfer of media from your smartphone and DSLR to an external hard drive or a secondary storage like a pen drive.

  1. Music Player

Music in motion keeps one going. The right kind of music makes the world seem just so beautiful. It also reduces the stress of charging your phone time and again. Music players, these days, come with never before battery backups that go on for a day on full charge.

  1. Foot Warmers

If you happen to be travelling during the winters (which is in some way ultra-adventurous too), don’t forget to pack a high quality foot warmer. These foot warmers make sure that you keep warm as the maximum amount of heat loss that a human body undergoes is through the feet. Equally compatible for a vacation to the beaches, remote controlled foot warmers help keep the feet dry and infection free too.

  1. Camcorder

To capture those never-before never-again sort of videos and keep them with you, a camcorder comes in handy. For those early mornings or scenes that happen only in certain spots like a pottery activity to serve as feeds to your Instagram page, don’t forget the camcorder behind.

Fitness Bands

To keep your health in check even during vacations fitness bands are a great help.

  1. Sugar Level Testers

This one is for those of us who have diabetes and still wish to enjoy. It becomes pretty important to keep a tab on the sugar levels on vacations.

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The next time you plan a vacation make sure to keep in check these items. BON VOYAGE!!