5 Mistakes to Avoid While Vacationing In India

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  • Travellers generally forget some of the basic things that need to be followed while vacationing and this ends up ruining the entire trip. Given below are some things that you will need to follow to avoid the same.
  • Overpacking – You do not have to go crazy while packing your bags for your trip to India. Unlike what is largely believed, there is nothing you cannot find in the country. You do not need to carry a bunch of medicines or baggy clothes. All you need is some comfortable shoes and clothes and you are all good to go.
  • Failing to book Accommodation in advance – A lot of travellers do not plan in advance and end up scurrying for a place to stay after they and in the country. A lot of times they end up getting ripped off. So do book your stay in advance. In fact if you are travelling with a large group of friends or your family then you can always check out a known real estate website in India and rent a home.
  • Not buying a local SIM – Several foreigners who visit India fail to buy a local SIM and end up using their own SIM card and end up paying an extremely huge amount on their telephone bills. A local SIM will let you make all your local calls at a relatively cheaper price and you will definitely not end up with an enormous bill. On the contrary you will end up saving some money since the call charges here is very low.
  • Cramming too much – Take your time to explore the country. There is too much to see in the country but that does not mean that you have to see it all. That is possible only if you are vacationing for a few months but if you are here for a few weeks then choose the places that you want to see and set considerable number of days aside for it.
  • Not checking the climate – Before visiting India or any other country in the world, do your research on the weather conditions of the country and plan your trip accordingly. This will help save the extra hassles that you will get into in case you end up in the country during the rainy season. Check the period of time when the country will have pleasant conditions and plan accordingly.
  • Hope the above mentioned points will help you plan better the next time you go on a trip.