5 Reasons Why you Need Travel Insurance

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Going on holiday should be a restful and relaxing experience, yet there is much to arrange, what with vaccines, visas, and perhaps the most important of all, travel insurance. Peace of mind is essential when you are away, and with a strange culture, and possibly a language you are not familiar with, if you should fall ill, or have an accident, it could be very costly. Here are just some of the reasons why medical insurance is essential when holidaying abroad.

  1. Cover for pre-existing medical conditions – You might already have a medical condition, and although your travel agent will provide medical insurance for the duration of your holiday, this will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions you have, unless you specifically request it. Foreign health care and repatriation can run into thousands of pounds, and should you fall ill from an existing medical issue, you could be faced with a massive bill. While the chances of this happening might be slim, the worry is enough to spoil the holiday, so it is advisable to take out medical insurance that covers every possibility while you are abroad. The cost of the premium would depend on the person’s age, and the severity of the pre-existing medical condition, and by searching online for a reputable broker, you can easily find out how much your cover would cost.

Finding the right insurer

Online solutions give you a convenient way to arrange the right insurance for your holiday, simply answer a few questions with an online form, and the broker will find the right policy at the right price. A reputable medical travel insurance broker will have a network of insurers, and can tailor a policy to suit the client.

  1. Personal accident cover is recommended when travelling abroad, as the chances of being involved in an accident are higher than if you were at home. We all like to hire a vehicle while abroad, as it gives us the freedom to explore our new surroundings. Unfamiliar road regulations and conditions can cause a person to make a mistake that could easily cause a traffic accident, especially if they drive on the other side of the road. If you have little or no experience driving in a foreign country, you need to be on constant alert, as many British people have hired a motorcycle, and due to inexperience, are involved in an accident, and this can be a very expensive experience, especially if you are seriously hurt. Should you be involved in a road traffic accident, unless the transport was provided by the tour operator, your holiday insurance will not cover you.


Extreme activities

We all like extreme sports, and most resorts will have fun-based rides for the tourists’ entertainment. Bungee jumping, paragliding, water skiing, are typical activities one would expect to find when holidaying abroad. The holiday insurance provided by your tour operator will not cover you when you take part in any activity that is not included in their package, and the person who runs the activity often has no insurance at all, especially in third world countries. Let’s face it, we all like to let our hair down when taking a holiday, and with the right insurance, you can do that, safe in the knowledge that you are covered for any eventuality.

Repatriation costs

Serious injury may require a person be flown back to the UK, and this is very costly. A comprehensive holiday insurance policy will cover all repatriation costs, which usually includes travel partners and immediate family. If you require detailed information about the benefits of travel insurance, check out this informative site.

  1. Personal belongings can be every expensive; cameras, tablets and smartphones are all costly devices, and when we are enjoying ourselves, we often misplace things, or leave them in a place where they can easily be stolen. Local opportunist thieves are well aware of how tourists let their guard down, and hover, waiting for the right moment. Losing a bag could really spoil the holiday, if the contents are valuable, so it is advisable to take out a comprehensive policy that covers all personal effects. Often something gets damaged, maybe the camera takes a knock while riding in a speedboat, or an off-road jeep, and you would be covered for any accidental damage to any item.
  1. Holiday cancellation or curtailment cover is another essential part of a good insurance policy. Should your tour operator declare bankruptcy while you are on holiday, this insurance would pay you compensation, in line with government regulations. If any part of your trip was cancelled for any reason, you could make a claim for compensation. If you experience flight delays that affect the quality of your holiday, you can make a claim, and more often than not, the claim is successful.
  1. Personal liability insurance is something most people overlook, yet it could save you thousands of pounds. If your actions caused a third party to suffer injury, or damage to their property, they are within their rights to make a claim against you. Of course, you would not expect this to happen, but just knocking a coffee over someone’s laptop could see you with a hefty bill. One never knows what will happen in any situation, but when abroad, the likelihood increases, as we are not familiar with the way of life.

Group policies are ideal, as each member of the group is covered, and this gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and your travelling companions are covered for any eventuality. So, next time you take a holiday abroad, make sure you and your family have comprehensive cover, as any problem could result in a bad experience, and might also be very expensive.

Online brokers can quickly assess your needs, and whatever your age or destination, a competitive quote is only a few minutes away. A foreign holiday is always a unique experience, and with the right cover, it will be remembered for all the right reasons