5 Sun Holiday Destination in October

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A lot of us just dread the time of longer nights and frozen rain. We hunt for the October sun only to experience that fleeting warmth before the weather turns for the worse. While temperature starts to drop at the end of summer, there are still some destinations you can go to get that sun kiss. Check the list below to know five (5) sun destinations in October.

Algarve, Portugal

Although October is usually the time when temperature starts to go down, Algarve is usually warm during this month. It has an average daytime maximum temperature of 23°C and an average overnight minimum temperature of 15°C. There have even been rare occasions when it reached 30°C. There are also less people in the beaches at this time so it will be perfect for people who want to relax without the crowd. The climate will be suitable for water sports, golf, and sightseeing. For those who want more challenging activities, you may try going to Algarve’s adventure parks which offer courses that include navigating between trees on ascenders and rope bridges. Some October events that you may also be interested in are the Sweet Potato Festival and the Partridge Fair.

The Dodecanese Islands of Greece

Though the name translates as “the twelve islands” the chain actually consists of 14 islands in total. The islands include the popular green stretches of Kos and Rhodes. The Dodecanese islands not only offer heavenly beaches, they also offer that October warmth you are looking for. The place remains sunny during most of October. When visiting, try not to miss one of Rhodes’ parties at its ancient ruins. The smaller Kastellorizo island is a good match for the cool and the arty, while the ones looking for the unspoiled should love Symi, Fourni, and Patmos. All of the islands are lovely but if it gets difficult for you to choose one, try island hopping.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

The temperature starts to get colder at Tenerife in October as the island transitions from summer to winter. Despite the change, Tenerife’s sea stays at its warmest in October. This makes the island a wonderful holiday beach destination when chasing the October sun. Tenerife is where you can immerse in nature, relax on the beach, and enjoy good food. The temperature in the island can greatly vary depending on which part you are located at. If you’re there mostly for the sunshine, it would be best if you book for the island’s southern resorts. This part of the island tends to enjoy more sunshine and less rainfall compared to the northern area. Tenerife North could still be good if you don’t mind a slightly lower temperature.


Try flying away to Malta for your October holiday trip. With its fascinating history, diverse architecture, and captivating beaches, there is no denying that Malta is distinctively charming. They say that Malta has something for everyone. Its landscape ranges from beautiful stretches of sand to stunning rocky plains. They have wild coasts, great year-round diving spots, lovely yachting scenes, and delicious cuisine. For most of us, Malta does not cross our minds often but with what it has to offer, maybe it should.


Cyprus is classified as an Asian country but is also often considered European because of its proximity and historical ties to Europe. The country holds fantastic beaches and a delightful climate. With its warm season reaching until early November, most travelers think that holiday in Cyprus is all about spending time at the beachfront. However, it also has fine places that are less explored. When in Cyprus try exploring its interiors for hillside villages, vineyards, and friendly taverns. When you’ve experienced the beauty of its cultural diversity and the charm of its mountains’ sceneries, you would have to question whether to focus on beaches, ruins, or mountain adventures.

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