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Nepal is a country wealthy in mystical mountains, holy temples, scenic mountains, glaciers, majestic monasteries, delicious cuisines, diversified culture, traditions, and festivals. A multiethnic, multilingual, multi religious landlocked country situated between India and China, this country offers you with varieties of options as a traveler. Nepal is famous for the almighty mountains that lure the trekkers into opting for mountaineering. Also, this country also holds the charm of cultural heritages, natural heritages, and mighty mountains. Furthermore, this country not only provides you with adrenaline sports but also presents you some of most breath-taking and lavish experiences. Here is the list of seven things that one should do when they decide to visit this beautiful country.

  1. Exploring the lush of Kathmandu valley

This valley is rich is ancient craft and culture which dates way back to 723 A.D. The existence of mind blogging and eye captivating historic monuments, hundreds of ethnic culture helps to makes this valley a unique one. Among the ten heritage sites mentioned in the UNESCO world heritage sites list, this valley consists seven of the heritage sites in the country. Also, this valley was also known as the city of temples as the city is filled with rich culture and traditions with people of various tradition come together to make every festival a unique one to cherish forever. Don’t miss this unique blend of a valley when you visit this exceptional capital city of Nepal.

  1. Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking has become one of the most popular activities to perform while in Nepal as this country consist pristine landscapes, rugged mountain trekking trails and culturally rich villages which provide mesmerizing view of fantastic supercilious mountains. The famous trekking routes in Nepal are Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region Trek, Manaslu Region Trek, Mustang Region Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, etc. these trekking trails are sure to test your mental and physical endurance. Along the way you will find yourself accompanied by not only fellow trekkers but also with numerous local people who will provide you with ample of time for socialization.

  1. Hiking in hills 

Hiking in Nepal is another sport as you will enjoy the stroll around the awesome hiking routes of the country. Hiking in the hills of Nepal will provide you with numerous opportunities to explore the diverse cultural and true sights of the hilly region of Nepal within a short period of time. Furthermore, you will find small teahouses within considerable period of time which will act as a good refresher on your hiking routes. Nepal consists of many short hiking routes that will provide you with beautiful views of the mighty Himalayas along with a tranquil environment.

  1. Mountaineering

Mountaineering in Nepal was inaugurated by the great Sir Ed. Hillary and Tenzing Norgay scaled the peak of the world ‘Mt. Everest’. Nepal is blessed with eight of the tem highest peaks in the world, which makes it a major attraction for all the mountaineers in the world. Nepal also has many professional guides who will assist your way towards the peak of one of the highest peaks of the world. Nowadays, 175 peaks in Nepal are open to the public for mountaineering which in result makes Nepal a really attractive mountaineering destination.

  1. White Water Rafting

Along with the other adventurous sports that Nepal provides you with, white river rafting is also one of the many adventure sports. This is a treat for all the adventure junkies as well as the beginners as you d\get to choose the level of complexity while rafting along the waters of Nepal. Among the six difficulty level, the level goes on increasing with the increase in number. Some of the popular rafting rivers which are bound to get your adrenaline rushing are Trishuli and Bhotekoshi River. Nepal is the second richest nation in water resources, and the rain water along with the melted ice water originated from the mountain making their way towards the plain from the Himalayas provide you with exciting rapids for rafting. White river rafting is open in many rivers of the country and you are surely going to have a lifetime experience rafting in the rivers of Nepal.

  1. Wildlife tours

Nepal’s landmass is covered with numerous exotic flora and fauna which will definitely be a treat not only to the animal lovers but also the nature lovers. Around 23% of the landmass is protected under the government of Nepal in order to preserve the rare and exclusive plantation and wildlife of the country. You will get to enjoy all these national parks, and go through a review of the collection of each national park and reserves of the country. All these safari tours provided by the national parks of the country give you a chance to spot endangered animals in the core region of the country in elephant or jeep rides. This will serve as a unique deal to all the enthusiast of the nature and is a must to do when in Nepal.

  1. Enjoy the traditional cuisines

Nepal also has a palette of mouth watering and taste enhancing cuisines for all the visitors of the country. Along with all the multinational cuisines you get to try the local and traditional cuisines which spectacularly present you the variation of the tradition and culture of the country. The foodies can enjoy rice, lentils, pickles, different style of meat, sel roti (made of rice flour), bara (made of lentil flour), yomari (made of rice flour stuffed with molasses), homemade wine and beer, momos (especial dumplings), King curd of Bhaktapur, Newar’s feast with 84 items, and many more delicious meals. So, don’t miss out on this nutritional treat whilst your stay in Nepal.

Nepal has declared 2018 as “Visit Nepal Year” in order to promote tourism sectors of the country. Nepal is embellished with majestic mountains, clean and warm water bodies, green forests, diverse culture, ancient art and architecture and cordial people living in harmony. Nepal is a country one must visit in his/her lifetime because exploring Nepal is like exploring yourselves. So, don’t miss out on this exceptionally marvelous trip of your lifetime and do Visit Nepal.