7 Travel Essentials – Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Travel Bag

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Even if you’re out travelling across Europe there is no need to say goodbye to looking good. Whether you’re taking the train from Portsmouth station or riding a Gondola along Grand Canal, you can still have your face and hair smooth and beautiful.

There is a set of hacks every person must know about travelling or backpacking. If you don’t know them yet, you will. Till then here are 5 must have travel beauty essentials.

#1: Toothbrush

There is a reason behind why this is number one. You don’t want to be meeting handsome strangers with yellow teeth and a foul breath. Teeth health is important.

#2: Dry Shampoo

When you travel around a lot, your hair comes in contact with a lot of dirt and grease. It is important to wash your hair weekly when you’re on vacation.

#3: Razor                                                            

A use and throw razor comes in very handy on tours and vacations. It will keep your skin smooth shaven and supple. At the end of the journey you can throw it away.

#4: Face Mask

You’ve travelled around Barcelona all day and its night time and you’re tired and a tad greasy from all the travelling. A face mask will help you wake up the next morning with a refreshed and glowing skin. Depending on the location where you are traveling to, you can also book an appointment in a nail salon and get your nails done. Groupon coupons for nail salons will provide you with amazing discounts for yourself.

#5: Face Cleanser

Don’t leave this product at home. You’ll be travelling to new destinations, meeting new people, getting acquainted to new cultures. You have to look your best and your face cleanser will help you. It will keep your skin grease and dirt free.

#6: BB Cream

This is a makeup kit in a tube. It contains skin perfectors, primers, moisturizers, sunscreens and foundations. This bad girl will get you a first class ticket or the presidential suite with the bat of an eye.

#7: Concealer

This product will help you in hiding red eyes. If you have been travelling for days without much sleep or you’re travelling like hippies, a concealer will help you.

So next time you’re going on a trip, make sure you carry these essentials to look like the diva you are!