A City within a Garden

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Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of nature from the comforts of society? What about visiting multiple ecosystems and environments of flora and fauna? Well, what if I told you that a place exists, you would probably say you have never heard of such a place. But there is, located in Singapore, called “Gardens by the Bay” and its name holds true to that concept. Proposed back in 2005 by the Singapore government, to transform the city from a garden city to a city in the garden. Taking 250 acres of reclaimed land, they set forth to make this concept a reality. Before construction of the project, the government held a contest to see who would design it. More than 70 entries were submitted, before settling on the one we see today. The park is made up of three different parts, east, central and south garden.

  • Bay Central Garden- is the link between the south and east garden. Being 37 acres in total, the Central Garden offers scenic walks stretching all the way city center to east Singapore. With, many more attractions planed for the Future.
  • Bay East Garden- constructed in the shape of tropical leaves, housing their own specific landscaping and theme. Designed with five water inlets, to help air circulation, as well as keeping the area cool.
  • Bay South Garden- Is by far the largest of the three. Its purpose to highlight tropical horticulture, alongside with garden artistry.

Within these three unique section, contain multiple conservatories, presenting and showcasing different environments. The main conservatory, house two impressive domes called, the Flower and cloud dome.

The Flower Dome 

Sitting closest to the ground, the flower dome is the largest of the two housed in this unit. Replicating climates found primarily in more dry and mild lands. Such as, Australia, South America and parts of South Africa. With its ceiling reaching up to 125ft and modest climate, the garden is often used to host flower shows.

The Cloud Forest

Located Higher than the flower dome, the cloud forest is a host to all plant life found in higher altitudes, which are usually found above 3,300ft above sea level. Visitors will have to ascend by elevator and will trek a circular path, that descends by a waterfall, revealing all the beautiful Fauna on display.

When it comes to the Singapore Gardens, there is far much more to do then these two wonderful conservatories. As see in the photo above, the Supertree grove, has these trees stand over 80 feet tall, providing multiple functions. Back in 2014 a children’s garden was opened up for children between the ages of 6 to 12, providing them a park with an assortment of attractions designed for them in mind. There are even Horticultural gardens, that implement learning about plant life and the Singapore colonial history.

In the end

If you love wondering and experiencing eco-systems from various locals, Singapore Gardens is the place to be, with its fine architecture and attractions. They have even announced further expansion to the site in the coming years as well, that should even further a visitation.