Advantages of RideShare Companies Over Traditional Taxi Services

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More people are accepting, appreciating and preferring ridesharing services each and every day at the expense of the traditional taxi services. Consequently, many drivers and customers are finding ridesharing services more convenient to move from one point to another. With such a high approval in the market, you could be left asking yourself the benefits that you will enjoy in the course of using a ridesharing service. Outlined below are some advantages of ridesharing.

You will get a ride anytime

Ridesharing comes with convenience that you will never find with the traditional taxi services. Convenience is considered as the top most benefit of the service. There will always be a driver to take you home or to any other destination. You don’t need to pre-schedule when you want a ride. You only need to open the mobile application of your favorite ridesharing company, select your location and see how far the nearest drivers. You will order your ride after which you will be tracking the movement of the driver to your place. There are no lies which are common with the traditional taxi drivers. Everything is real time allowing you to be ready once the driver arrives at your destination.

Low fees and no cash exchange

Ridesharing fees are much lower than those of traditional taxis. Low fee is an added benefit to people who are visiting a place for the first time. Some traditional taxi drivers are attempted to overcharge foreigners and visitors who don’t know their destination very well. Ridesharing service fee is different and fairer because the fee is determined by distance and the time taken. On average, ridesharing companies charge about one-third to a half of what traditional taxi companies charge. Moreover, all aspects of the service including payment are handled by the mobile app of the specific company. You will not handle any cash after ordering a ride because payments are processed on the mobile app. You will choose your payment option on your mobile device, which you will be using to load money into your account.


Many ridesharing companies offer discounts to new users, and occasionally to the existing users. New riders who want to get discounts on their first ride may use select sign-up links to get the offer. Some websites such as Ridester give detailed information of various ridesharing service companies including offers, bonuses and discounts among more other useful information to riders. By subscribing to such websites, you will be getting regular updates on the latest promotion offers by different ridesharing companies. The sign-up bonus is also available to new drivers. In addition, drivers get bonuses to the tune of hundreds of dollars after completing a given number of trips.

Be your own boss as a driver

Drivers work where they want and when they want. They are independent contractors as opposed to being employees. As a ridesharing driver, you will set your rules and hours with the flexibility to make as little or as much as you like since your earning potential isn’t limited. This benefit is very useful because there are very few jobs that offer this kind of flexibility. At the same time, drivers get a rare opportunity of meeting and interacting with new people new riders every day.

It is clear that there are very many benefits of ridesharing for riders and drivers. Entering this world of ridesharing is easy regardless of whether you are joining as a rider or driver. Choose a ridesharing service of your choice today and you will be surprised by the great features that you will begin enjoying right away.