Awesome Road Trips You Can Take in Malaysia

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You know what people like about going to Malaysia? There is always something to do for any kind of traveller. Are you the typical tourist? Well, there are cafes, restaurants, bars, and key attractions that you can visit everywhere. If you are the adventurous type, you can hike up Pine Tree Trail or Cameron Highland Trails. Maybe you want to hang out on the beach, then come down to Cherating, Langkawi, or Monkey Beach.

However, what is popular with globetrotters these days is going on a road trip. It does not matter if they do it in their own country or abroad, there is something so unique about driving cars like 4×4 Toyota Fortuner, all your friends packed inside, and the windows rolled down. It is definitely a different travel experience, and you know what? Malaysia is to go on a road trip.

Malaysia offers a variety of terrain that you will feel like you have been to different places all at the same time. You can drive towards the city centre, to historical cities, or up to the high lands. In this article are Malaysian road trips you and your travel pals must try for an awesome road trip.

Penang – Ipoh – Cameron Highlands

Driving south from Penang up to Cameron Highlands is a real treat, filled with breath-taking sceneries and good food. While in Penang, you will get to appreciate the old-world glamour of the island and its beautiful contemporary twist. Make sure to visit Georgetown to see the street art depicting the lives of the locals, stories of their history and their livelihood.

Then make your way to Ipoh, where your taste buds can get on its own trip as well. Enjoy the nasilemak, aiskepal, nasivanggey, and Ipoh hor fun. While here, you should definitely check out Kellie’s Castle, where influences of the Hindu religion and India can be seen in its architecture.

Finally, to Cameron Highlands. Make sure to visit Lata Iskandar Waterfall on your way up. Better yet, spend the night up and enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful views the highlands offers,

Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Tinggi – Pahang

This is another flat land to high land road trip. You will see your trip transition from the urban jungle towards the mountains of Pahang. Everyone knows they should visit the Petronas Twin Towers while in Kuala Lumpur, but make sure to visit Batu Caves, the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, and the entertainment and shopping district of Bukit Bintang.

Then drive to Bukit Tinggi where you can go to Colmar Tropicale. It is a French themed village lined with cafes and shops. You can also visit a rabbit farm and a Japanese botanical Zen garden while you are here.

For some altitude, go up Fraser’s Hill at Pahang. Here, you and your travel companions can enjoy nature-based activities like horseback riding, golf, archery, and more. You can go to the trails for hikes at the Bishop Trail or Hemmant Trail.

Kota Kinabalu – Kundasang

For a country side-like road trip, you should definitely take this route. At Kota Kinabalu, you will be treated to a high dose of art, culture, architecture, and food. In this part of Malaysia, the art deco style pretty much dominates some of the architecture. You will also enjoy nature-based activities like hiking at Mount Kinabalu. But most of all, you will see that amidst their modern city, the old world charm of Kota Kinabalu is pretty much alive.

Then make your way to Kundasang, considered the New Zealand of Malaysia. Here, you will see cows out and about in the fields. Shops filled with all the dairy products you can think of, fresh vegetation and picked fruits, and more. It is quite chilly here, too.

Just thinking about these places ignites the wanderlust fire, right? Go on and pack your bags, load up your 4WDs and 4x4s, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind road trip.