Buckhead, the Most Prestigious Address in Atlanta

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Just what makes Buckhead so special? Well, quite a lot. The neighborhood is the most prestigious address in Atlanta and one of the most well-known in the entire Southeast. Those born into money and those who have risen from the working classes live here. The area is quite diverse, with both dense forested residential areas and large, urban high-rise office buildings.

You should look at apartments in Buckhead GA if you want to live in a safe, economically vibrant community.


When people say there is a money in Buckhead, they mean it. In the South, the district is second only to Palm Beach, Florida, in terms of wealth. It is also second in all the Sun Belt if one excludes California.

The average Buckhead household income is over $230,00 per year.


Buckhead is the home of prestigious Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza Shopping Centers. Smaller boutiques surround the two larger malls, creating a unique upscale shopping environment. This retail district draws in an amazing $ 2.5 billion each year.


Students receive a fine education in Buckhead. North Atlanta High School is one of the best in the Atlanta Public School System. Its students regularly place at the top of statewide assessment tests and attend elite colleges.

Those who opt for private school have many to choose from. In fact, the private schools are some of the most prestigious nationally. Westminster Schools, The Lovett School and Pace Academy are just three of the institutions whose student bodies are comprised of a virtual “who’s who” of the Southern elite.


It seems that every so often someone wants Buckhead to secede from Atlanta. These independence movements get much press but usually amount to little. Most Buckhead residents are happy to be part of the city and would not think of leaving it.

So central is Buckhead to Atlanta and Georgia civic life that the Governor`s Mansion sits here. Residents are rightly proud to be neighbors with the chief state executive on West Paces Ferry Road.

Apartments in Buckhead GA

Obviously Buckhead is not a place where someone without financial resources will find it easy to make it. However, that does mean that the average household cannot live here.

Many people are able to realize the dream of living in an elite address by renting apartments in Buckhead GA. The area offers some of the best luxury rentals In the nation.

Renting can be a way to get to know the neighborhood without buying an ultra-expensive house. Renters can enjoy all the finest amenities, from exclusive clubhouses to sparkling pools. They can send their children to first-rate schools. They can shop at the most exclusive retail establishments.

Check Out Buckhead

As seen here, Buckhead has much to offer. The area is truly special and anyone able to call it home is very fortunate.