Clean Campervan: Ways to Maximise a Small Space

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Traveling with a few people in one small campervan can be gruelling, especially when everyone is trying to fit their weekly necessities in a few bags. Thankfully, there are ways to maximise the small amount of campervan space you have by trying out a few of the following space saving tricks. These can all be done with a rental campervan, so there are no extreme installations and DIY methods necessary.

Make Use of Bins and Bags

There are specific bags that can hold beverage bottles and have extra pockets on the outside for maximum storage. Each person should consider purchasing a bag container for the essentials, to store underneath their seat. This way, everyone knows exactly where their essentials are, and that they will only be found under their personal space. Instead of bringing a tray for food, use the removable cover of one of these bins and use it as a food tray, or as an artist desk for those who are inspired by the beautiful scenery around them.

Bins can be organised by layering the most needed things at the top to the least needed ones at the bottom. Always make sure to put a blanket on top for easy access when it gets a bit chilly. If you’re looking for a cheap campervan hire and you have your younger kids travelling with you, you know they’re going to want to keep giving you their trash if they don’t have a designated trash bag in the backseat.$/Mercedes-Sprinter-camper-van-motorcross-race-van-with-rear-_57.jpg

Depending on what type of campervan you choose, you can put a normal plastic bag in each row, or a trash bucket in the van for everyone to delegate their trash to. Not only will this save you from frustration as people won’t be throwing trash into your cab, but you won’t be put in danger if you take your eyes off the road. It will also help keep your cab clean.

Shoe Organisers for More Than Shoes

When your campervan is a bit larger to accommodate your family or friends, you’ll want to look into shoe organisers to help you organise things vertically. Put them on the back of small doors or seats in your campervan and organise items like sun block, flip flops, toiletries, brushes and other essentials in an unconventional way. This will allow you to free up floor space and use the floor space for additional storage. Cabinet door organisers are also great to hang, as they can go over a shoe organiser and provide additional storage above your door, or back of the seat storage.

Magnet Organisation

If your campervan has metal in the kitchenette area, make use of it by purchasing sheets of metal that have magnetic capabilities on one side. You can slide this on a wall or a flat horizontal surface and place metal objects there for safekeeping. You can maximise wall space inside and create more room for other objects elsewhere.

By following these tips, you can maximise a small space when road tripping with friends or going out for a three-day weekend with your family. Popping personal bubbles is the top reason why people fight on road trips, so make sure to make it easier for everyone to enjoy their time out on the beautiful open road.