Different Massages From Around the World

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You can get some really good massages in Montreal. But if you’re planning to travel to various parts of the world, you may want to try these different kinds of massages:

  1. Swedish Massage

This is the classic massage. But contrary to its name, the Swedish massage did not start in Sweden. Johan Georg Mezger, a Dutch, adopted names for basic massage strokes that comprise the Swedish massage we know today. Interestingly, Swedish massage is only referred as such in North America and some parts of Asia. In Europe, it’s just known as the classic massage technique.

It’s a massage of frictions – a combination of kneading, striking, stroking and rubbing. Athletes as well as active individuals can benefit greatly from this type of massage as it loosens lactic acid buildup and improves blood circulation.

The best places to try the Swedish massage are France and the Netherlands.

  1. African Rungu Massage

The African Rungu Massage originated in East Africa. It involves the use of the Rungu stick, which is a wooden baton or throwing club, bearing special importance in East African Tribal Cultures.

The key to this massage is to penetrate deeper into the muscles using the stick, moving in circles on the larger muscle groups and small circles in the smaller areas. This massage enhances blood circulation and sensory nerve perception to give you a deep sense of relaxation.

You can try this technique in South Africa and even in some spas across Europe.

  1. Shiatsu

Although Shiatsu is thought to be of Japanese origin, it actually started in China and was an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine. In the 6th century, it was introduced in Japan by a Buddhist monk.

The word Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and the technique involves applying pressure to areas of the body. Some forms of Shiatsu also involve acupuncture and cupping.

You can try a Shiatsu massage in Japan, but many places in Asia have adopted this technique as well.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

This indigenous technique has many variations all over the world. Hot stones were used as therapy for hundreds of years by American Indians especially in Arizona.

Today, a lot of spas offer hot stone massages but there are also those that offer cold stone massages.  It works by alternating temperature in order to cleanse the body. The technique can be used as an adjunct to other massages.

  1. Turkish Bath

Baths offered in Europe and some parts of Asia have been around for hundreds of years. In Turkey, the people there have long been interested in building baths. In fact, Constantinople has had baths since the 1450s. Mimar Sinan, an Ottoman architect, designed the structures of these baths all over the city.

You can try these Turkish baths in a Hammam in Turkey. The experience is more than just a massage. Your body will be heated in the camekan (sauna) and then afterwards you will receive a massage.

If you plan to travel and you happen to enjoy a good massage, try these massage techniques for a more memorable trip.