Exploring the Many Wonders of Asia

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Asia is a vast continent spanning many countries, all of which feature a rich culture and history. Indeed, it could well require a lifetime of travel to experience even half of what Asia has to offer! Given the vastness of the Asian expanse, is it any wonder that regular travel agencies simply don’t do the region justice? By sticking to the same old locations and iconic sights, they tend to sell the region short and deprive eager travelers of the experience of a lifetime. In this spirit, it is well worth research travel agencies that offer something unique.

Discovering the True Flavor of Asia

Over the past 20-30 years, areas of Asia once under oppressive regimes started to open up their borders to foreign travel. Countries like Vietnam that were once in turmoil, started to open up to the rest of the world in the 1980s.As a result, innovative travel companies such as EXO Travel Asian Tours, were able to operate and serve as a valuable conduit for foreign travelers interested in exotic locations.

Where these types of travel companies differ is in the actual experience they offer to their clients. Rather than simply being a travel company focused on the big picture, such companies are about destinations as well as the intimate cultural experiences. To illustrate the differences, consider the following two approaches:

  • Regular Travel Agent: By booking with a regular travel agent, you have access to exclusive deals, but your travel will be limited to well-known locations, iconic sights, and day to day itineraries. Essentially, your trip of a lifetime will take in only those places that are already well travelled. It may be an enjoyable experience, but are you really imbibing the true flavor of exotic Asia?


  • Destination Travel Agent: Rather than throwing out a wide net over a large area, the destination travel agent focuses on locations that may be off the beaten path and will likely offer a much deeper and less commercialized cultural experience. The other benefit is that they can tailor a journey that is right for every type of traveler and suggest unique places; primarily because of their deeper knowledge regarding those less traveled

The Experience of a Lifetime

When one takes into account the vastness of the Asian continent, the array of cultures, and the shared histories, isn’t it important to immerse oneself in the culture and the environment in order to develop unique memories? If you’ve ever had an interest in seeing Cambodia, traveling the waterways of the Mekong River, adventuring in Myanmar, or seeing the lesser-known side of Thailand, then it might be time to seek out a travel agent that places a greater emphasis on intimate experiences. Traveling to exotic destinations rather than to well-known sites is the best way to embark on a unique journey.

Travel can open up our minds and hearts.It is essential to the experience that weimmerse ourselves in a foreign culture, rather than a superficial tour based on what has already been done many times before.