Five Alternatives to a Timeshare for Your Summer Holiday

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Unfortunately, timeshares have garnered an unsavoury reputation due to their ever increasing maintenance fees as well as how difficult they can be to get out of.

We spoke to Timeshare Exit & Support Services (TESS) who told us that fewer people are choosing to buy timeshares as cheaper and easier alternatives become clear.

At the end of the day, while they might seem a great idea at the time, timeshares are very rarely worth the hassle that comes with them, so how about checking out some of these alternatives next time you’re planning a summer break?

Package Holidays

Budget airlines and package holidays have made it much easier to go abroad on a budget, and for many, they signalled the death of the timeshare.

The convenience, value and time-saving benefits of package holidays mean that they still remain popular in the modern day, according to this article from the Daily Mail.

Having everything bundled together in one deal is very easy to sort out, and while some people might be put off by a perceived lack of choice and control over your holiday, package deals are more flexible than ever nowadays.

Last Minute Deals

Last minute holidays are also a popular way to bag yourself a bargain, and there are a number of sites which specialise in cheap last minute deals such as

Last minute holidays may require that little bit of extra searching around, and you might need to be a bit flexible on your destination, flight times and accommodation, but the savings that you can make can definitely be worth it.

Obviously, you’ll also need to be available to pick up your things and head off as soon as possible, so last minute deals are generally more suitable for younger people who don’t have families and can be a bit more impulsive.

For those with full-time jobs and kids to think about, last minute deals can be a little bit trickier to navigate!

Buy a holiday home in the UK

While getting away to sunnier shores is great, more and more people are choosing to stay here in the UK for their holidays according to this Telegraph article.

Buying a holiday lodge here in the UK is similar to buying a timeshare in the sense that you can return to it year on year, but you won’t have to worry about the extortionate maintenance fees.


You get all of the flexibility of being able to come and go as you can choose, can sell up if you wish, or can even rent out the property while you’re not using it to help cover some of your costs.

Rent a room

Airbnb has become a very popular platform for finding a room to rent for a couple of nights, and you can find some really great deals on some properties which you would never usually think to look into.

You can often get a much cheaper deal, and you also get a sense of freedom and flexibility which you don’t necessarily get with a hotel room.

Rent a Timeshare

If you’re still convinced that a timeshare is the right option for you, why not look into the possibility of just renting one off someone else for a week or two?

This way you can test the waters before committing to signing up for anything, and as there are so many people trying to get rid of timeshares, there should be no shortage of ones being rented out.