Five tips for choosing the right hunting boots

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During hunting, you have to walk through different passages and surfaces. You may have to run through the water, walk through the terrain, survive harsh climate and live in unexpected conditions. One of the most important items in your hunting gear is a pair of good hunting boots. The right hunting boots should be well-fitting and comfortable. With a comfortable pair of shoes, you will be able to hunt with precision and better focus on your prey. In this article we have put down five best tips for choosing the right hunting boots for yourself:

  1. Know your needs: Assess your needs first. Ask questions from yourself that will narrow down your options and let you find the best match. For example:
  • What is your prey?
  • Where will you hunt? I.e. What weather conditions are you most likely to face? E.g. a pair of warm hunting boots would be needed if you are hunting in the cold.

If you are still not sure which boot to buy, you can take help from your friends or look for online reviews.

  1. Shop in the evening: Our foot size naturally varies throughout the day. Visit the store after doing other tasks of the day, at this time our feet are tired and therefore expanded. Your boots are rightly tested under these conditions. You are likely to get a small size if you shop in the day time. Small boots can be highly uncomfortable and can even lead to sores and aches.
  1. Find the right boots wearing the right socks: Never try to shop hunting boots wearing no socks or ordinary socks. Always put on a pair of socks you are actually going to wear during hunting. A cheat tip is to wear two or three socks and then shop for hunting boots. It is always better to have a thick layer of socks.
  1. Know your size: Know your exact size. Take your feet measurement once more before you go shopping. Some tips are:
  • Never assume your foot size. It can vary due to pregnancy, recent weight gains or loss, or due to injuries.
  • Measure both the width and the length.
  • Measure both feet, there may be a slight variation.
  1. Put your comfort first: Your comfort should always come first. Never go for a pair of tight shoes, always look for the well-fitting pair. Never get a pair of shoes only because they look cool and stylish. Comfort and insulation should be the deciding factor.