How A City Holiday Property Can Save You Money

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When it comes to taking a holiday in a city like London, Manchester, Liverpool or Bath, trying to book your family or large group of friends into individual hotel rooms comes at a cost, and that’s if you can find one hotel with enough availability during the holiday time that you need the booking for.

The age old problem of taking your family or group of friends away on a city break and finding somewhere that you can all stay at an affordable rate is one that many potential travellers face when they decide that they want to take a holiday in a city, rather than more traditional caravan or hotel breaks in the country or by the sea. When you decide that you want to spend a week in London, or 4 days in Bath, the main issue is that not only are you also having to fight for accommodation with business travellers, but you are often limited to very expensive hotels.

Even budget hotels for a large group of you can become massively expensive, especially if you all need your own rooms and facilities. Trying to book a family of 6, or a group of 8 into one hotel can really cause the pound signs to rise, and trying to get them all into the same hotel so that your group can stick together is never a given. But the advantages of a city break are immense, with tons to see and do and plenty of culture and attractions to absorb, something that for many they will experience once and want to go back time and time again.

Visiting a city like London or Bath often means you simply cannot take in everything you need to or want to in a short space of time, so this might mean that you miss out on some of the key things you wanted to do and you can end up feeling frustrated. If you must cram your break into a weekend due to cost, by the time you arrive, unpack and then finally settle, it will be time to go home again, and this is just not the break that you deserve.

This is where you really need to start looking at holiday properties as a cost effective, money saving and affordable alternative to hotels, as booking a holiday property for your family and / or friends really does offer a wealth of benefits.

They generally work out cheaper. For example, if you wanted two rooms for a week in a hotel in the city centre, you could be looking at over £200 a day for a nice, comfortable and well located hotel. Yet, if you booked a holiday property, you would probably be looking at around £800 – £1000 for a week, which is a massive saving. And, you also get your own place, with your own facilities that you can settle into and relax, rather than being crammed into a small room and having to basically live out of suitcase.

And, not only do you get money saving benefits, but you also get the benefits of having your own place for a week or two, you can make it feel like home and you can relax, knowing your location and the place you are going to stay for the duration of your holiday. Not having to move around, having all the space you need and living in comfort, and of course, saving money, what more could you want from holiday accommodation? This is why next time you fancy a city break, investigate how a holiday property really could be a much more affordable and enjoyable option than a hotel.

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