How to find work while traveling in Australia

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Traveling abroad is a passion that very few of us manage to pull off, not to mention doing it frequently and in extended periods. Many people think that the prospect of globe-trotting is a far-off, seemingly unattainable fantasy.

They say, “wouldn’t it be awesome if I had the money to do that?” or “someday I might, after [some arbitrary reason].” Overcome your fear of the unknown!  More than tips for cheap flights, living in hostels, and finding ways to earn money, accommodation and food, finding work while in the land of Oz is definitely possible.

Here are some ways to find work while traveling in Australia – yes, you can have fun traveling as you make money.

Prepare before you go. Before arriving in Australia and start looking for possible work, you must put a few steps in their pace to make the transition as smooth as possible. First off, you need a working holiday visa (subclass 417). After approval, you’ll also need to consider laying foundation for earning money in Australia like opening a bank account and acquiring a TFN-Tax File Number.

There are many companies that offer visa packages for working travellers. Sites like Visa First can help outline the types of visas and application process you need to accomplish.

Be flexible. Chances are, you only want a job to allow you to acquire additional funds to bolster your trip and keep you traveling, that’s why there’s no position too small or term too short. Every extra money in your pocket is another pin visited on the vast map of Australia.

Working will enable you to have awesome experiences and meet different kinds of people you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to. It’s not unusual for travellers to stay and look for homes for sale while traveling to Australia. It’s just that beautiful in there.

Leverage the hostel you’re staying at. You might not know this, but hostels are one of the best resources. Many make it a point to give information to travellers looking for local job openings, especially for temporary or casual work. Nomads, YHA, and Base are good options. These job listings have great opportunities in the local community.

Work on your qualification. To land a job in the construction and hospitality industry, acquiring your responsible service of alcohol (RSA), responsible conduct of gambling (RSG) for the hospitality or a white card (work safely in the construction industry) will make application a breeze. You can earn these certifications online and have it sent straight to your e-mail.

Surf the web. The internet is everyone’s best friend for keeping up-to-date with opportunities as you move around. Hundreds of sites are dedicated to job openings for casual work or with a particular focus for backpackers. Australia’s top job site is SEEK, and have a nifty tool called JobMail. You just need to setup your account preferences, which includes location, hourly rate, industry, etc. You’ll be emailed when you like for all matching job opportunities.

Working and staying in Australia permanently. It happens. When the work is great and the lifestyle is good, you may start thinking of staying or investing in a property. It’s certainly possible. There are virtually hundreds of home listings available. McGrath, for instance, is one of the premier Australian listing service providers that offer homes for sale. You can also find affordable apartments and unit listing there as well – in the city or rural areas. Check it out.