Just Plane Entertainment: Apps You’ll Love So Much, You Won’t Want to Land

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Spending time on a plane can be a bit boring once you have had a bite to eat and checked out the limited in-flight movie options, so it seems like a good strategy to find your own entertainment for the journey.

Here is a look at some apps that are just right for fulfilling your entertainment needs and make time fly while you are in the air. Including how to travel the world without leaving your seat, a relaxing art challenge, plus a brainteaser app and a popular arcade game to consider.

Take a virtual tour of the world

 If you want to get a bird’s-eye view of the area where you are headed to by plane or simply want to take a virtual tour of the globe to check out the landscape and landmarks, there is an app that will take you wherever you want to go.

StreetTrax is the app in question and when you start zooming around to different destinations, where you will end up?

Star in your own in-flight movie

If you like the idea of becoming the star in some of your favorite movies the Hollywoody app lets you replace Matt Damon as the Martian, for example, or a host of other scenarios where you could instantly become an A-lister.

You will almost certainly have plenty of fun swapping your face into some classic movie scenes, and won’t even miss the real movies being offered during your flight as you will be too busy making your own entertainment.

Lose yourself in art

Traveling can be stressful as well as boring at times but there is an app that engages you in an activity that encourages mindfulness and will keep you occupied for hours.

The Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is an adult coloring book that offers you loads of opportunities to fill your time with an activity that is both calming and rewarding in equal measure.

A wordy challenge to fill your time

Another good way of engaging your brain in a positive way would be to download an app like Spell Tower.

You can easily lose track of time when you start playing a word search game like Spell Tower and as there are various difficulty levels to negotiate it is unlikely that you are going to run out of games and options before the plane lands again.

Hone your Ninja skills

There are loads of arcade games that you can download which can see you through even the longest flight and keep you entertained for many hours.

One of those games that should be on your radar is Fruit Ninja.

This is one of those seriously addictive challenges that is very hard to quit once you start working your way through the various levels, which is something that will probably be confirmed by the billions of Fruit Ninja players around the globe.

If you are looking for entertainment to get you through your flight, there are plenty of apps that fit the bill and you don’t ever need to be bored.