Learning the Bali and Indonesia Diversityh

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Are wondering where to go for a tour after your wedding? Where to visit after your graduation? Where will you spend your Christmas holiday this year? Do not worry anymore. Consider visiting Bali and Indonesia. You will not be disappointed by what you will find there. As a traveler, you will find whatever you might be looking in this island.

Indonesia comprises of about 18000 islands sprawling over 2.5 million square kilometers on either side of the equator. It has distinct wildlife like pygmy elephants, Komodo dragon, and tree kangaroos. It has a dramatic landscape of the ancient rice terraces, jungle which is untamed, islands full of pristine coral fringed by white sands and stunning volcanoes.

Indonesia has a diverse culture as its geography. It is the largest Muslim populated country with few ancient Hindu temples. The state has six official religions as practiced by a quarter of a billion of its population as well as some animist rituals. It is the best diving destination in the whole world because it is swept by the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is possible to spend years exploring Indonesia without vain. The most visited area in Bali.

To begin, Bali is the heart of nature. It has the most beautiful areas. Commence your holiday in the Bali’s spiritual and cultural capital (Ubud). In Ubud, you will get rice fields blending into jungles. They are kept evergreen by the waterfalls. In Bali, you will notice everybody is always happy, and smiles are the best mode of communication and kindness will get you far.

We recommend you to travel west side of Bali during your holiday. You will come across beautiful wildlife on some of the islands.  You will also see some attracting landscapes.  Finish your trip on the coast where you can sit back as you enjoy the sun while relaxing.

In the south of Bali, you will land in Denpasar where a driver will take you to a hotel in Ubud. On your way, you will pass through local villages and past stunning rice plantations that make Bali be evergreen. In the hotel, you will enjoy the remaining part of the day as you will wish. The following day you will visit the outskirts of Ubud where you can begin your bike ride and indeed experiencing the beauty of Ubud. You will enjoy the ride as you take photographs of the wonderful land and ever smiling faces.

Bali is such a beautiful island with diverse fauna and flora where you need at least one month to see it all. The many days trip to Bali will take you from the island’s center where the temperature is cold,and the environment is of evergreen rice plantations and flowing waterfalls.

In summary, Indonesia is the destination of diversity. It has about 18000 islands of which half of them are not occupied by any human being. It has never-ending opportunities which you can explore. You can move from island to island watching the beautiful beaches and volcanic activities.  You will find locals who speak more than 750 languages.