Linens, Towels, and the Overall Guest Experience Necessary for Building a Successful Hospitality Business

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The common denominator for every single successful business is having a loyal customer base. This is true across industries and independent of size and type of service or product provided. Businesses in the hospitality industry, in particular, rely on repeat and dedicated customers to stay afloat. The question for each and every hotel, restaurant, café, and bar is how to obtain lifelong patrons.

Building a Dedicated Customer Base

The first stay at a hotel will likely determine if the guest becomes a repeat customer or not. Restaurants, cafes, and bars also face this same one-bad-experience-and-done dilemma. Once a hotel has a relationship with a guest, it is easier for small issues to be forgiven. However, that first stay is incredibly important and a hotel should expect that a guest will notice even the smallest details on their first visit.

Whether after a long journey or a short drive, the experience of checking into a new hotel is filled with anticipation. It begins with the walk across a marble or tile lobby floor to the front desk. Then there is the elevator ride to the correct floor and a stroll across the plush carpet. Once inside the room, flick on the lights. Finally, there is the impossible to ignore desire to fall onto the comfy, cloudlike hotel bed.

The Beauty of a Good Bed and Bath

In that moment, as a guest rests for the first time after his or her journey, the hotel linens better be clean and soft. Those first moments on that inviting bed will be the guest’s biggest impression of the hotel. After all, while guests are delighted by the lobby, appreciative of the helpful staff, and excited to see a well-stocked mini bar, it is really the bed they booked for in the first place. Well, the bed and the shower, which brings you to the quality of towels neatly hanging in the bathroom.

Just as the bed linens need to be immaculately clean and plush, the bathroom towels should be stark white and incredibly soft. When guests arrive after a busy day or prepare for a night out, there is nothing worse than scratchy and rough hotel towels. It can completely ruin the guest experience. Therefore, a hotel has the task of supplying the highest quality towels, linens, and clothes in every guest room, every single day.

What Hotel Guests Care About Most

There are certain features of a hotel that are impossible to change. These include location, view from the guest rooms, and structure of the building. It is important for a hotelier to consider these permanent features of a hotel before investing in the property, because each of these do matter to guests when they go to book a room. However, there are other parts of a hotel that can be tweaked or improved to ensure new guests have an awesome first stay.

When it comes to the things hotel guests care about most, cleanliness and comfort are at the top of the list. This is true regardless of the style, market segment, or price of the hotel room. Guests immediately notice if the towels are fluffy, the robes are warm, and the linens are soft. Even in budget accommodation, guests expect a bed and bathroom that are clean.

Creating a guest experience that achieves both of these factors is essential to survive in the industry. This is particularly true when it comes to cleanliness. A guest who finds linens dirty or towels stained will never return to that hotel, regardless of the atmosphere or friendliness of the hotel staff. Within the guest’s room, the bed linens, towels, and clothes are the basis for creating a clean and cosy stay.

Sourcing the Best Linens and Towels

It can be difficult and expensive to source all of the linens, uniforms, towels, and clothes that are needed to run a hotel. However, this does not have to be the case. Linen hire through an online provider and supplier is a great way to provide a luxurious guest experience through cost effective means. This ensures that guests are provided with fluffy, clean, and just like new towels for each and every stay, without the hotel incurring a hefty cost.

A linen supply company is responsible for locating the appropriate linens and delivering them to the hotel. These fresh linens and towels replace the ones that have become worn from regular washing, become stained from guest use, or are taken by guests when they check out. Therefore, it is necessary for the supplier to be reliable and dependable, as a hotel needs new towels, clothes, uniforms, aprons, and bed linens on a regular basis.

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Other Important Features of a Hotel Room

In addition to being clean and comfortable for guests, a hotel must create a great atmosphere. Ambiance in the lobby, restaurants, bars, and guest rooms of hotel is the feature that captures a guest and makes him or her want to return for another stay. This ever-important ambiance is created through the interior design, furniture, and colours used in the hotel.

Details such as open spaces, good lighting, and even the way the hotel smells, influence the ambiance. When designing a hotel, doing a renovation, or even making small changes to improve guest experience, it is beneficial to think about each of the senses and how the setup and design of the hotel is received. In some ways, it is almost impossible to describe exactly what creates great ambiance, but when a hotel achieves this it is obvious to guests.

Finally, professional and friendly staff members are essential in a hotel. Not only are staff the biggest expense for hotels, in many ways great staff members are also the most valuable. Creating a great guest experience is a team effort that involves everyone on staff. From the front desk agent to the valet. Even those staff members who do not directly interact with guests must be invested in providing that great first experience for guests.

When all of the elements come together in a hotel for a great guest experience, it is easy to provide the awesome first stay that a guest expects. Just as expected, that first walk across the hotel lobby, first trip up the elevator, and first sleep in between clean, white sheets will not be the guest’s last.