Need Extra Money or Temporary Transportation? Try a Car Share Service

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It’s hard to beat the convenience of having your own automobile when you travel, and the freedom of having your own personal vehicle without having to depend on public transportation makes travelling more pleasant. Wouldn’t you like to have the flexibility to choose your own local car hire without having to wait in line at the rental depot and settling for whatever price and vehicle they have available? When you are not travelling and you have no need for your own car, it just sits and depreciates in your garage or drive. Wouldn’t you rather your car be put to use and earn some extra money with a car sharing service in the process?

What Is Car Sharing?

Car sharing facilitates the rental of privately owned automobiles, offering local auto owners the opportunity to hire out their automobile in exchange for a fee, and drivers the opportunity to save money on a car hire of their choosing. Car owners simply list their automobile for hire using a car sharing service where drivers can then search to find the car of their liking in a specific area. Car sharing connects drivers who wish to rent a car with car owners who have a car available for hire in the desired area. Owners are paid a fee of their choosing in exchange for the temporary use of their automobile by another driver.

How Does It Work?

Car sharers list their qualifying automobile online for free by logging into a car sharing service, submitting registration information, posting photos and a description, and listing the availability. For an automobile to qualify for listing, it must meet certain criteria such as maximum age of the car and maximum insurance grouping. Drivers who wish to use the service register online and provide their driving record information and DVLA Check Code to confirm eligibility. Once registered, drivers can search listings for a car of their choice in a particular locality, book a car hire, make payment to include the hire fee and insurance, and then arrange for the pick up of the vehicle from the owner.


Is it Safe for Car Owners?

Drivers are vetted by verification of an acceptable driving record every 6 months, and they are insured by a policy that is owned by the car sharing service and that supersedes any insurance policy that the owner may have on the vehicle. In the event that the owner’s automobile is damaged during the rental period, the damage is covered by the car sharing service’s insurance policy without affecting the owner’s insurance policy or record. The driver bears responsibility for any speeding tickets or parking tickets, and owners are not affected by either. Payment is secured by the car sharing service in advance of the pick up time and is guaranteed to be released to the owner’s bank account by Friday each week the car is hired.

Who Can Hire a Car?

Drivers must have held a valid license for 24 months and must meet a minimum age qualification of 23 years for any hire, and drivers that are less than 25 years old with a perfect driving record are referred to AXA for verification of eligibility. Drivers under 30 years of age will be subject to a higher insurance rate.