Okavango Delta – The Ultimate Safari

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 The Okavango Delta is often referred to as an island paradise and covers a whopping

 15,000 square kilometres in Botswana, Africa. Holiday makers from across the globe flock to the region in order to take in the sights, absorb the safari atmosphere and to observe the beautiful wildlife. As the largest delta in the world, the area was formed when the Okavango River flooded and entered the north western area of Botswana, and eventually reached the Kalahari sands, forming the now infamous delta.

 On Safari

So where are the best places to have the ultimate safari in the Okavango Delta? This very much depends on your budget and the experience you wish to have. The region offers everything to low maintenance and low budget, right up to high luxury safari experiences. So it very much depends on what you wish to gain from your trip to the Okavango Delta. Below we explore a few ideas and what you will be able to see.

 The Moremi Game Reserve

Safari Consultants explain that around a third of the delta is made up of the Moremi Game Reserve, and this is by far the most popular place to set up camp for your safari expedition. This game reserve includes stunning mopane woodland, giant fig trees and open wide rivers. As well as the wildlife that is in abundance here, the close proximity of the Chiefs Island offers you the freedom to drive in this area, which cannot be done on the reserve.

  What safari camps are on offer in the area?

An article in The Telegraph explains that every camp is unique and has something completely different to offer. Once again where you decide to stay will depend upon your needs and budget, but all will offer a fantastic safari experience. When on safari in the Duba Plains you are able to observe buffaloes in their natural environment, as well as lions, hyenas and hippos. Kanana is located in the very centre of the Okavango Delta, and is sandwiched between ebony and sausage trees alongside the edge of a beautiful channel. Little Kwara which is situated to the north west of the area, is a private reserve that offers year round activates for both off and on the water.

 Observe the birds

As well as the impressive mammals on offer, there are many birds to see. Many individuals choose to safari in this area to observe the varied bird life. Here you will be able to see herons, storks and ibis as well as the local fishing owl. Other popular bird species include those of the African skimmer, purple gallinule and black egret. Most camps though will have a guide and can show you the best places to bird watch.

 The African Elephant

When on safari in the area, the highlight for many visitors has to be that of the African elephant. They are located across the region and help to sustain the area by consuming fodder and knocking down large trees, helping to keep the water flowing into the region. The OkavangoDelta.com states that the elephants are usually in herds that consist of hundreds of elephants.

 Nile Crocodiles

No visit to the Okavango Delta would be compete without seeing the famous Nile Crocodile. Even though these are relatively shy, you should be lucky enough to get a glimpse of them in the water. Sadly the Nile Crocodile is on the decrease due to the destruction of their nesting areas, influx of predators and the washing away of their rivers due to boats.


The Okavango Delta is home to nearly 100 different species of dragonfly and you can observe different types depending on where you are staying. To see a diverse range of dragonflies, ideally you need to be located near to permanent and short stay water formation areas.

When should you visit?

Ideally the best time to visit the Okavango Delta is when the flood waters are at their most stable. This is usually during May and July. If you plan to visit from late October onwards, then the flood waters generally tend to recede and this may affect the ability of boating and mokoro in the area. Mokoro simply refers to the action of gliding effortlessly and quietly along the reed beds to take in the sights of the dragonflies and kingfishers

The Okavango Delta really is the perfect destination for the ultimate safari.