Reset Your Body Clock Fast: Tips and Tech to Handle a New Time Zone

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With an estimated 978 million people spending at least one night abroad in 2014, this number has likely increased since due to the sudden increase in popularity of traveling and exploring new places. Whilst traveling and visiting new countries is a truly exciting experience, almost all forms of long-haul travel come with one negative: jet lag.

Generally unavoidable if you’re traveling to a country in a completely different time zone to your own, jet lag can have disastrous effects on your trip if you’re not prepared for it. In fact, if not handled properly, jet lag can have serious symptoms which can not only affect your trip but could wreak long-term havoc on your sleeping pattern and bodily functions long after you’ve returned home. So, if you’ve got an upcoming trip and you’re worried about coping with jet lag, here are some tips and apps you can use to beat the time zones!

Prepare beforehand

A week before you’re due to set off on your travels or trip, do some research into which time zone you’ll be entering. Then, try to adjust your sleeping habits to become acclimatized to the new time zone you’re due to experience.

To help the process along, try adjusting your eating habits as well as your sleeping pattern as this will get your body clock used to your new time zone even quicker. However, it’s important to do this gradually as, if you go in full-force and try to adjust your habits in a mere couple of days, you’ll likely burn yourself out and be in an even worse position than when you first started. Adjust your habits and behaviors in small increments to achieve the safest, most effective result ready for when you leave.

Alarm Clock for Me

A great app that can be used both during the preparation process and when you’re at your destination, this alarm clock app has many useful features you can take advantage of.

If your preparation period requires you to go to sleep earlier than usual, you can use the sleep timer feature of this app to help induce sleep. Offering a choice of either white noise or relaxing tunes, you’ll be slowly lulled to sleep without all the tossing and turning. Also featuring a customizable alarm clock that allows you to wake up to the sound of your favorite songs, if your new time zone requires you to wake up earlier it won’t be as much of a struggle!

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can be catastrophic when trying to reset your bodily rhythms to fit a new time zone. So, to avoid this, make sure to drink as many fluids as possible and always carry a bottle of water with you at all times to ensure you stay hydrated.

Whilst traveling is meant to be fun and exciting, jet lag can ruin your entire experience if you don’t handle it properly. But as long as you prepare and are sensible with your habits, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position to beat the jet lag once and for all!