Ryokan: The Best Way to Experience Traditional Japan

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 Accommodations play a vital part in planning holidays as it can set the stone for the duration of your trip. Where you will be staying will act as your temporary home – your sanctuary, your private space in a strange land. Your trip starts in your accommodation, whether it be a hotel, or an inn, or a rental, where you stay can already say a lot about the country you are visiting.

Japan is a country that is both modern yet traditional. Technology is continuously developed in this country and has definitely made the life of the locals easier and much more efficient. At the same time, it is still able to keep their traditions and culture alive. Amidst the globalization happening today, Japan is still able to keep their identity. People travel to different places to experience things that they normally don’t experience in their own countries and that is what Japan exactly offers to its tourists.

They openly share their culture to visitors and are happy to tell them all about Japan. One great way to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture is through the place that you’ll be staying in. There are a number of accommodations that are uniquely Japanese – such as capsule hotels, and manga cafes. For more of a daily living style, you can always rent apartments or houses, but to really immerse yourself in traditional Japan, a Japanese-style inn is recommended!

A Japanese-style inn, or more commonly known as Ryokan, is the best way to experience the traditional lifestyle and hospitality. Their rooms are of course, in Japanese-style, which is usually composed of a futon as your bed, and tatami mats as the room’s flooring. Another thing that a Ryokan has is a Japanese-style bath tub and its water source usually comes from a hot spring nearby. As it is an inn, they also provide Japanese-style meals to their guests and are served to your rooms.

With an average price of 15,000 – 25,000 yen per night, staying in a Ryokan is quite pricey but it is also already a trip itself! From where you will be sleeping to what you will be eating, it is like seeing Japan in one place – although without the sightseeing part. You will be assured that you’ll get quality service and a relaxing stay in a Ryokan!

For first-timers, staying in a Ryokan may seem uncomfortable as it is a totally new environment. It is always a good thing to research about ryokans to familiarize yourself with what is expected of you, as a guest and what you can expect from the host of the Ryokan you will stay in. Knowing the culture and the tradition behind it, and knowing some of Japan’s best ryokans is a good way to start in understanding these Japanese-style inns. In the end, if you are able to open up to the new things you will experience while staying in a Ryokan, the whole stay will be worth it.