Secret to Partying all night with no hangover with Tubi 60

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The title may sound unbelievable, but it is true and this is possible with the one and only Tubi 60. This is a perfect party ingredient to make you tap your feet to the tunes with great excitement and enthusiasm. The best part of partying and drinking all night and feeling absolutely normal and hangover free the next morning is the advantage of having the drink. Its major expansion drive has led it to be available in America now and all those who have partied in Tel Aviv and consumed it will have it available at their doorsteps.

What does it contain?

Many people were sceptical about the contents of Tubi60 as the ingredients are not clearly mentioned. It is natural, gluten free, vegan made from various herbs, spices and lemons.  The drink gained immense popularity and publicity among party lovers.The Tubi brothers proclaimed the Ministry of Health licence.

It tastes best when served cold with tonic water, over crushed ice or just as shots. It is a yellow, cloudy drink in a bottle with a black and white label which proclaims to give “pure happiness”.

The pros

  • It is made from natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.
  • No hangover the next morning.
  • More effective than other forms of alcohol.
  • Innovative cocktails can be made using Tubi60.
  • It is smooth, superior in taste and provides the perfect blend.

The success of the drink

It has seen a phenomenal growth since its introduction in the market in 2012. The best part is that the Tubi brothers Hilal and Yanai did not have any previous experience or distilling background and it all started from their parents’ apartment in Haifa. Their business grew by leaps and bounds once people started loving the experience they had with Tubi 60. It became a hit at bars and clubs and was a rage in Israel. Tourists visiting Israel were asked by friends and relatives to carry back bottles of the drink for them. Today, it is available worldwide and the boundaries are limitless. It has a fan following like no other and people are very loyal to it in spite of all the mystery and speculations about the brand and its ingredients. Join the trend, drink Tubi 60!