See Whales with Amazing Whale Watching Expeditions in Sydney

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There are few things on earth which can match the majesty of a whale leaping from the water, catching the sun on its glistening back, and slipping back beneath the sea once more. It’s a sight to behold, truly, and it’s something everyone should get the chance to see at least once in their lives. Whales are some of the world’s great natural beauties. People come from all over the world to get a glimpse of them. Which is why whale watching is one of the great industries in Australia.

That said, there are a few things everyone should keep in mind when it comes to the practical business of going on a whale watching expedition.

Dress Appropriately

One of the biggest rookie mistakes people tend to make when it comes to whale watching is, of all things, in how they dress. Remember that whale watching almost always involves going out to sea, certainly for all the main outlets. If you have never been to sea before, it’s worth noting that the wind coming off the sea breeze out there, coupled with the moisture in the air, can make it rather chilly. Sure, it looks warm when you’re simply watching videos of whales leaping over a sun-drenched surface, but it can get a bit nippy out there, especially if you aren’t used to the climate. That said, there are plenty of days where it really is smooth, warm sailing as well. The best advice when it comes to dressing for a whale watching expedition is to dress for the weather and, above all, be prepared for rain, shine, and everything in between.

Whale Behaviour

Another thing to keep in mind when embarking on a whale watching expedition is that whales often dictate how things will go. Whales are wild animals, and while that’s wonderful news for those who love animals, it also means that their own mood goes a long way to shaping how a whale watching expedition will go. There may be days where the going is rather slow, and some where whales don’t show up at all. Though these days are generally compensated and replaced with another trip.

On the flip side of that, however, comes the fact that because the whales which are viewed are wild and free, they can put on some amazing shows. While it is against the law, naturally, to compel the whales to do anything, there are plenty of instances where whales do indeed breach to the surface, and other times where they actually come so close to the boat’s housing that the ship has to stop. Being so close to such displays of gentle majesty is what whale watching in Sydney is all about.

It’s an experience worth saving for future generations, as the battle for the safety of whales across the globe continues. But thankfully, for now at least, it’s still an unforgettable experience open to all in Sydney, and one you should definitely take.