The Best Things to See and Do in Sydney for the Most Memorable Holiday Ever 

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Tourists have been visiting Sydney for centuries, and not just for the Sydney Opera House, either. Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it has something for everyone. The city is surrounded by water, and its Harbour Bridge is one of the most majestic around. But what else can you see and do on your holiday in Sydney? Something out of the guidebooks, perhaps? Here are the best things to see and do in Sydney for the most memorable holiday ever.

Bondi Beach

A holiday in Sydney is definitely not complete without a visit to Bondi Beach. This iconic beach has been touted as one of the greatest beaches in the world, and it’s easily accessible and features some good waves. Bondi Beach is actually only 8 kilometres away from the city centre, and if you want to take a dip, you can do so – but be careful and swim only between the red and yellow flags. The beach is great for swimming, however, with the average temperature of the water at 21oC.

The Sydney Opera House

Of course, a visit to Sydney isn’t complete if you don’t visit the Sydney Opera House, either. The Opera House is a glorious sight, especially at sunset, and if you really want to have an immersive experience at the Opera House, the best way to do it is by watching a performance. Performances are aplenty at the Sydney Opera House, and you can choose to watch a concert, a dance performance, a theatre performance, or an opera. Alternatively, you can opt for a one-hour tour with a guide – but that’s still not quite the same as watching a live performance.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is what the locals refer to as the ‘coathanger’ bridge, but every ‘Sydneysider’ is proud of its beauty. If you want to really experience the bridge, the best thing you can do is climb it on foot, and this is one of the most popular things to do in Sydney, done by both tourists and locals alike. You can ascend the bridge through the pylon on the southeastern side, which brings you to the lookout.

The New South Wales Art Gallery

The art gallery of New South Wales is a well-loved institution in its own right. The gallery itself has some remarkable architecture to boast of with its Greek-style façade. The gallery features a very prominent collection of art from the different parts of Australia, which includes a special Indigenous area. There are many events in the gallery, from concerts to lectures, celebrity talks, and screenings. The gallery also offers some free tours on various themes. Other notable museums you can visit in Sydney include the Museum of Sydney and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, which features interesting artifacts and exhibits related to the history of convicts in the country.

Sydney has a lot to offer indeed – but on your visit to this wonderful city, don’t forget the top attractions listed above, and you’ll definitely have a fantastic time.

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