Things to Prepare Before your Foreign Holiday

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The annual holiday is an event we all enjoy, and as the time nears, you begin to think about what needs to be done before jetting off to exotic lands. Planning is essential, if you want the holiday to be a trouble-free experience, and here are some things to consider prior to departure.

The right travel insurance

If you book a package holiday in the UK, and it includes flights and accommodation, you will have a basic form of insurance, but it only covers you for certain situations. If, for example, a person was injured while taking part in an activity that was not provided by the tour operator, then the tour company would not be liable.

Existing medical condition

Many people suffer from a condition, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, and a standard holiday insurance policy would not cover you, if you fell ill due to an existing medical condition. When talking to your broker it is important to answer all the questions honestly, as failure to notify the insurer of a previous medical condition could result in not being covered. You may have had a problem in the past, and are not currently taking any medication, but you should still make your insurer aware of this, just in case it should re-appear while you are away.

The over 50s

If you are over fifty, it is necessary to take out a suitable insurance policy that covers you for every eventuality. We all like to experience the holiday fully, and often do things we wouldn’t think of at home, like renting a motorcycle, or taking a scuba diving course, and this means we are more at risk of an accident or injury. The last thing anyone wants is that nagging feeling that something might go wrong, and you can’t really enjoy the experience, which is why it makes sense to take out a comprehensive policy. You might consider holiday insurance for over 50s from Escape Travel Insurance, where an experienced broker can find the right insurer at a reasonable price. Using a broker does not tie you to one specific insurer, and once the broker knows your needs, he or she can quickly source the best insurer at a reasonable cost. Whatever your age, or condition, a broker can find the right cover, and with online solutions, it is very convenient.

Personal belongings

We all have expensive devices like tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras, and these can either be misplaced or stolen while abroad. Being in an unfamiliar environment can cause a person to forget things, and local thieves will always target tourists, as they know the foreigner is in a strange environment, and therefore is an easier target. Make sure your policy covers loss or damage to all personal belongings, then you can relax, knowing your valuables are protected.


The likelihood of suffering an accident is much higher when holidaying abroad, especially if you partake in activities like bungee jumping or water sports. Driving in a foreign country can be stressful, and with a different set of rules, the roads can be quite daunting for a tourist. The right insurance policy will cover you for any eventuality, and it is always wise to inform your insurer if you know you will be doing anything extreme while abroad. The thrill of a sky dive can be marred by the worry of insurance and liability, so make sure you take out the right policy, then you can really enjoy the experience.

Early insurance

As soon as your holiday is booked, you should look for the right insurance. You might think it isn’t urgent, as the trip is still a few months away, but by taking out a policy early, you are covered in the event to tour operator goes out of business, or if your holiday is cancelled or postponed for any reason. You might suddenly develop an illness a few weeks before travelling, and in this case, you can claim compensation.


Some destinations might require the visitor to have a vaccination, perhaps you are going to a tropical country where malaria is a problem, so it is wise to do a little research, and if you think you might need to be protected, consult your doctor, and make sure you allow at least four weeks before departure, as some vaccines need to be administered a few weeks prior to travelling. The time of year, the region you are visiting, and the kind of accommodation, are all factors that will determine whether a vaccination is required.

Research your destination country

Wherever you are going, you will enjoy the experience a lot more if you know about the country’s culture and history. You will meet the locals at some time or other, especially when buying souvenirs and sampling the local cuisine, so it is a good idea to learn a few basic phrases of the local language. The locals warm to those who make an effort to speak their language, and making friends with them could open up new experiences. Some cultures have certain customs and beliefs, so it is good to know what is culturally acceptable, to avoid causing offence.


If you, or anyone in your group is taking medication, make sure you have an adequate supply, and it wouldn’t hurt to take a copy of your prescription, just in case.  When packing, divide your medication into two packages and keep them in separate bags, and in the event your luggage is delayed or stolen, you will still have a supply. Some countries have restrictions about certain medications entering the country, and if you are taking opiates or tranquilisers, take your prescription along, as very often, customs officials will want to see that the drugs have been prescribed by a physician.

Taking out the right holiday insurance is always important, even more so for those who are over 50, or have an existing medical condition, and by using an online broker, you can be sure of the right cover at the right price.