Three Top Travel Destinations in Utah, USA for Your 2017 Bucket List

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Utah has almost everything that a globetrotter would yearn for; from Alpine lakes and Ski-resorts to adventure-drenched canyons and state parks laced with sand dunes and petrified forests that hark back thousands of years ago. Here is our pick of top 5 most visited destinations in this sunny state.

1. The Arches National Park 

The Arches N. Park is home to almost 2000 natural stone arches. So, it’s not surprising that over 10,000 visitors troop here annually to catch a glimpse of the stunning picturesque jutting out of the earth’s crust in a phenomenal out-of-this-world fashion. And to complement this, there is no shortage of hikes and walking trails for those in search of a bit of adventure. And these nature trails camouflage with the dozens of popular arches, rock formations that are scattered all over the place. Speaking of which, among the best premier hiking sites in Arches include; Devil’s Garden, the Broken Arch, Balanced Rock, Sandstone Arch and Park Avenue.

Arches Park is located strategically a few miles outside a small town known as Moab. You will be able to access it via a series of winding roads leading up to the gate’s national park which also boasts of impressive picturesque views. Should you get into a truck accident by any chance, remember that Kramer Law Group will readily help you out with any legal repercussions that may sprout from this.

2. The Majestic Monument Valley

Located in Southeastern Utah, the Monument Valley Park is on the Navajo Indian Reservation in the Southeastern part of the state almost near Arizona. In fact, the high number of tourists and visitors who frequent this place is synonymous with the numerous commercials and films that have recently been shot here. The scenery is famous for its picturesque, gorgeous red Messas, the surrounding desert, and buttes. You can access the park’s most famous formations and sights via a 17-mile dirt road that is laid in such a way that visitors can have a glimpse of the excellent and unforgettable scenery via the many pullout areas meant for photography and viewing.

3. The Zion National Park 

The Zion Park is less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas and holds the key to some of Utah’s most spectacular scenery. Whether you are looking for waterfalls, red rock cliffs or gorgeous vistas, the Zion National Park has them all under one roof.

The numerous waterfalls, for instance, are especially spectacular during summer or the spring when the flow of water in the feeder tributaries is at its highest. What’s more, hikers will be spoilt for choice given the sheer number of almost all kinds of hikes – ranging from simple walks that transverse the valley floor to more challenging ones such as the Angel’s Landing hike.

With that as the backdrop, most of the park’s most outstanding scenic sites are in the Zion Canyon turf. In fact, the tallest and most magnificent sandstone monoliths and towers are found here as well as the most famous hiking trails of all time.