Three Types of Alternative Healing Specialty Massage

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Maybe you are considering taking some time to visit a Euro-spa retraite de yoga.  Perhaps your job is very stressful or you just have not taken a vacation in a very long time and really want an escape where you can just relax.  A spa retreat is not a bad idea of course, because you can receive all kinds of treatments that will make you feel better, physically, but also will help you have peace of mind, too.

And if it is a massage you are after, keep in mind that there are many different modalities.  Swedish massage, of course, is the most common form; it uses a series of different, medium-pressure strokes to loosen tight muscles and improve circulation.  But if you have other issues that you want to address, you might want to consider any of these alternative healing techniques that are technically still classified as types of massage.


You may not be aware that the human body has a network of small, bean-shaped glands called the lymphatic system. This system distributes fluid throughout the body as a means to transport nutrients as well as eliminate waste.  If you have an infection or another abnormality, the lymph nodes will swell up: this is why the doctor checks for lumps in your throat and under the arms (among other places on the body).

When you have lymphatic disruption, lymph drainage massage can encourage proper flow of lymph fluid again. When you have a minor injury or infection, lymphatic massage can help encourage faster healing without surgery.


Similar to the lymph system, reflexology follows the Eastern philosophy that the human body has a network of energy meridians.  Different parts of the body are connected through these meridians by the life force qi.  For example, if you have a headache, you can rub the fingers and toes to alleviate it.  This philosophy might help you improve some minor conditions, similar to the way lymphatic massage can work, too.


Finally, craniosacral focuses on the nerve endings in the scalp—or the “cranium,” the thin layer of muscle and skin that covers the skull.  This modality theorizes that you can improve energy flow around the head, shoulders, neck, spine, and perhaps even the lower back through the rubbing of the muscles, skin of the top of the head.  In fact, this technique is also used to help improve structural imbalances and improve overall health.