Tips to Prepare for Your First Boat Tour

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Taking a boat tour is a great way to see the highlights of a city, especially in a location such as Barcelona. You can get an overview of its historical architecture, see the activities in the harbour, and view some of the marine life up close while on the Mediterranean. However, if you’ve never been sailing, you should prepare yourself before taking a boat tour while on holiday.

Dress Appropriately

When you go sailing for the first time, you should wear clothing in which you’re most comfortable. Check the weather the day of your scheduled tour and dress in layers. Even if the day is going to be warm, it can be cooler on the water and you may wish to wear a weatherproof jacket as you may be subjected to mist coming off the water as the boat moves through it. By dressing in layers, you can take clothes off when you get too warm.

Be Careful Around Equipment

When you go on tours that allow you to be hands-on when trimming the sails, such as those with Sailing Barcelona, do not wear loose clothing or dangling jewellery and tie long hair back to avoid getting caught in the winches and blocks. Also, make sure to keep hands free from equipment and follow the instructions you’ll receive from the skipper helping you trim the sails so that it is done safely and correctly.

Secure Personal Belongings

When enjoying boat trips in Barcelona, do not leave personal items such as mobile phones or your wallet in a pocket unless it has a zipper or snaps shut. It could easily fall out of your pocket into the water, never to be seen again. Also, if you’re sitting close to the boat’s edge, hold onto something so you won’t fall overboard and need to be rescued.

Protect Yourself from Sun

It’s important to protect yourself while out on the water during the day because your skin can easily burn with the sun reflecting off it. Wear sunscreen and a hat to avoid getting a sunburn as a souvenir when taking a boat tour with Sailing Barcelona. Also, wear sunglasses so you can see clearly while sailing as the sun will create glare as it reflects off the water and the UV rays can damage eyes.

Enjoy Yourself

Whether you book a group tour with Sailing Barcelona or one for just yourself and your spouse, remember to enjoy yourself. Sailing is a great way to experience being in a different country as you get to enjoy the views from the water while having cocktails on deck and relaxing in the warm Mediterranean weather. If you’ve never been sailing before, you may find yourself falling in love with it during the tour.

As long as you’re prepared for the journey, you should enjoy your first time on the water. Listen to the safety instructions given by the skipper and follow them so you’re safe while on the boat. Sailing on the open water can be very romantic if you book a private sunset tour.