Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canberra

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Australia is known as one of the most favourite holiday destinations of many people. Traveling in this magnificent country with your family and friends will surely be memorable, for there are numerous things to see and do while here. So, plan your trip ahead of time and make the most out of your vacation.

Since Australia is a huge country, there are tons of cities you can explore. You can head to its capital city, Canberra, and discover a whole lot of new attractions and exciting activities. This striking city is home to awe-inspiring tourist spots, exhilarating outdoor activities, as well as marvellous nature reserves.

Getting around this diverse city is made easy when you rent a car. Here, you can afford a car hire since the services are at competitive prices. Also, it will be more convenient for you to simply rent a vehicle and drive around Canberra to avoid any hassles of commuting.

Hence, here are some major reasons why you need to visit Canberra soon:

Food and wine capital

If there is one city that you have to visit in Australia for food and wine, then that should be Canberra. It is known as the country’s food and wine capital. The wine scene is thriving in this city and all wine enthusiasts should not miss the Canberra District Wine Festival, where you can take a tour of various wineries as well as do some wine tasting. More so, food lovers can drop by Canberra Food & Wine expo, Truffle Festival, or any food events and taste the city’s world-class gourmet food and desserts.

Most museums have free admission

If you are into museums, Canberra is the perfect place to indulge yourself in arts and culture. The admission in most of all its museums is free of charge. The only exception is that when a popular exhibit is being presented, you have to pay for a special fee. Other than that, you need not to worry about spending on entrance fees on museums, including National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Australian War Memorial Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and The National Museum of Australia, anymore while in this diverse city.

Perfect place for great outdoors

All adrenaline junkies out there will absolutely love Canberra because it is a great place for thrilling sporty action. In fact, the city’s landscape is ideal for marathons, mountain biking, rock climbing, bushwalking and even camping! Your adventurous self will be awakened once you try these outdoor activities at least once when in the city. The experience will definitely be one for the books.

Ultimately, Canberra should be included in your travel bucket list. It has a lot of things to offer to people of all ages, so you will definitely have something to do while here. These reasons why you need to visit this beautiful city mentioned above will help you decide to push through with your trip. So, spend your much-awaited holiday break in the stunning city of Canberra with the people you love the most.