Travelling as a Solo Senior – Planning the Perfect Holiday

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Seniors travelling solo can still have a great time despite single supplements and other drawbacks. If you’re planning a solo trip abroad as a senior and are feeling a little reluctant to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the world, don’t be – with the right planning and mindset, there’s no reason why you can’t have a great time. Here are five tips to planning the perfect holiday abroad.

  • Avoid the Single Supplement

The single supplement charged by cruise companies and tour operators often results in solo travellers paying twice as much as travellers sharing accommodations, etc. If you’re planning on taking a cruise, for example, look for cruise operators that offer options such as roommate matching or single staterooms. This can help you to avoid the single supplement and save yourself money.

  • Take Out the Right Travel Insurance Policy

All travellers need to take out an insurance policy that provides them with the right level of cover and senior travellers are no exception. Websites that offer travel insurance comparison for those over the age of 50 are a great place to start looking for a suitable policy as these websites enable you to compare policies from multiple insurance companies. This makes obtaining multiple quotes easier than using obtaining a single quote from each travel insurer’s website accessed.

When using such a website, be sure to pay attention to pre-existing medical conditions, as definitions of the term ‘pre-existing medical condition’ may differ from insurer to insurer. What’s more, also be sure to pay attention to medical repatriation and other aspects of medical treatment. Senior travellers are more likely to require medical treatment when travelling abroad than younger people.

  • Watch the Bling!

Senior travellers (especially solo seniors) are often considered to be an easy target by criminals. Whenever travelling solo, consider how much expensive equipment and items you carry with you and definitely watch the bling!

  • Prepare Your Body and Mind

If you’re planning on visiting European cities, for example, chances are you’ll be doing quite a lot of walking. To prepare yourself for this, walk regularly in the weeks leading up to your trip to prepare your legs and take a similar approach to preparing your mind. It isn’t uncommon to feel lonely or overwhelmed, so think about the situations you may experience and take a proactive approach.

  • Make Use of Online Resources

There are many excellent online resources that seniors can use to prepare themselves for the travel experience of a lifetime. From articles about arranging travel with a pre-existing medical condition to avoiding the single supplement on cruises, it really does prove advantageous to make the most of the excellent range of resources you can find online.

Many seniors would prefer to travel with someone (whether someone special or just a good friend) but just because they’re travelling alone doesn’t mean they can’t have a great time. Who knows, perhaps you’ll have an experience that makes you realise just how much freedom you enjoy as a senior travelling solo!