Travelling With Children – How To Make The Most Of Your Holiday

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Going on holiday should be an exciting time for the entire family. However, some parents can feel that they spend too much time focusing on the wants and needs of the children. Taking children on holiday can be a demanding task, but there are several ways to make sure that you have just as much fun as the kids on your holidays.

Travelling with children takes some careful planning. This guide has several helpful hints on how to make the holiday enjoyable for everyone.

Take Advantage Of Hotel Childcare

Many hotels offer services where they can take care of your children for the morning or afternoon. This will free you up to do what you want – whether that is going snorkelling in crystal clear waters or making the most of the luxury linen hire to enjoy a lazy morning cuddled up in the comfiest hotel bed ever!

Larger hotels will have a host of activities available to keep children entertained, from playpens to magic shows. You should research the different childcare options available before booking a hotel.

Travel With Other Relatives

Travelling as part of a large family group has several advantages: as well as being a fantastic way for the entire family to bond, different relatives can take care of childcare duties when the need arises. This system requires co-operation between family members. For example, imagine you are on a week-long trip to Spain with your children and your parents. As well as group activities, it is important that both you and your parents have some time alone on the holiday. Organise activities which will entertain the kids on the first three days. On day four, leave the children with your parents so that you can go off by yourself and explore or simply relax quietly by the pool with a good book. In the evening take over childcare duties from your parents so that they can enjoy a meal to themselves or take a leisurely stroll in town. Switch roles on day five, and then resume group activities on day six before flying home on day seven. Using this ‘relay system’ of childcare will allow everyone to have time to themselves on the holiday.

Encourage Children To Try New Food

Tasting new and exciting dishes from around the world is one of the most exciting aspects of going on holiday. Children can be fussy eaters and may be unwilling to try the foreign food at first. However, it is important that you don’t cave in by just eating sausage and chips for every meal. Encourage children to try new dishes, even if they only have one mouthful and then they go back to their own meal. Who knows, your children might develop a taste for olives or oysters later in life because of their early exposure to different foods?

In some parts of the world, it may be customary for children to eat spicy food from a very early age. Ask politely for mild flavours if you are worried that your child may be too young to eat spices or chillies. Teenagers are usually more willing to try different foods, so actively encourage them to pick food off the menu which they have never heard of before.

Take Precautions So That Your Children Don’t Fall Ill

Sometimes children can fall ill or injure themselves whilst they are on holiday. Taking care of sick children can eat away time and can make the holiday a lot less enjoyable. There are several ways in which you can take precautions to make sure that children don’t fall ill whilst they are on holiday.

Firstly, make sure that the children have had all their necessary vaccinations and have any medication with them on the trip. Diseases such as malaria and TB are prevalent in some parts of the world and can be prevented by the use of injections or tablets.

Dehydration is another common illness which afflicts children when they are on holiday. Give children plenty of water and feed them rehydration salts during the trip. Making sure that children are properly hydrated will prevent them from falling ill and having to spend the holiday in a hotel bed or at the local hospital.

Make Sure That The Children Are Calm

Children can sometimes become over-excited or overly argumentative when they are in a new environment. Hyperactive children can be a handful for parents to deal with, so make sure that you do plenty of activities which will allow them to blow off steam and use up their excess energy. Activities such as bike riding and running around playgrounds will allow the children to have fun whilst tiring them out at the same time. When the children are tired, they will be less prone to arguing and will be easier for you to handle later on in the day.

Plan some ‘quiet time’ if arguments happen and children become upset. Younger children might benefit from being read a story, whilst older children can be entertained in the hotel by television programmes or computer games.

Allow Children To Choose Some Of Their Own Activities

Older children can benefit from choosing some of their own activities whilst they are on holiday. These activities could be anything from going to the local cinema to taking a bike ride around the local town. Always make sure that there are older children in the group who can look out for others. Alternatively, go along on the trip but stay ‘out of sight’ so that children feel like they have some independence.

It is important that children develop a certain sense of self-sufficiency as this skill will help them to prepare for adult life.

Having a holiday with the children should be an exciting and stress-free experience. Follow this guide to make sure that travelling with children is easy.