Untold Stories in Egypt

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Has media turns totally assumed control over our general public that we can never again report the certainties? Last Friday CBS news journalist Lara Logan was attacked in the lanes of Egypt but then not very many reports have stood out as truly newsworthy. Over the most recent couple of weeks a courageous picture has been painted of the dissidents, as calmly challenging a savage administration or of Country that is longing for uniformity and majority rules system.

A columnist being isolated from her team and after that sexually ambushed in the roads of Egypt by 200 men would annihilate that serene picture, would it not? Different online journals have announced further points of interest of the occurrence. Numerous columnists announcing in Egypt ended up in troublesome conditions, a hefty portion of whom were confined by the police. Logan revealed before on that her team was being completed the avenues of Egypt and one morning while at the same time taking “magnificence shots” they were held at firearm point and strolled back to their lodging.

CBS has been calm on the matter, discharging the accompanying articulation

“On Friday, Feb. 11, the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ventured down, CBS journalist Lara Logan was covering the celebration in Tahrir Square for a hour story when she and her group and their security were encompassed by an unsafe component in the midst of the festival. It was a crowd of more than 200 individuals whipped into free for all.

In the smash of the crowd, she was isolated from her team. She was encompassed and endured a severe and maintained rape and beating before being spared by a gathering of ladies and an expected 20 Egyptian fighters.

She reconnected with the CBS group, come back to her inn and come back to the United States on the primary flight the following morning. She is presently in the healing center recuperating.

There will be no further remark from CBS News and reporter Logan and her family consciously ask for security as of now.”

At the point when is ensuring the picture of the story that you made more critical than the yells for assistance from your writers? The American media needs to report what is going on in the Middle East genuinely. More individuals have kicked the bucket in the lanes of Cairo amid these dissents then in the lanes of Iran amid the 2009 Iranian Elections.

“All facts are straightforward once they are found; the fact is to find them.”

– Galileo Galilei

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