Use Ayurveda against every disease

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Ayurveda – the conscious choice of happiness

Ayurveda uses remedies and methods which can cure every patient, no matter what the disease is. This Ancient Indian medicine also cures successfully and in a natural matter the widespread contemporary diseases– anxiety, depression, insomnia, heart attack and stroke consequences.

Ayurveda can, in practice, recover the normal functioning from the period before the disease, as if it never existed, of every system of the human body: digestive, excretory, cardiovascular, muscular, as well as the condition of the bones, in case of metabolism problems, etc.

Furthermore, Ayurveda does not focus on a particular disease, but it aims at an overall recovery of the body and its general natural functions.

Different organs and systems are interdependent for the whole activity of the human body. Consequently, the disease of one organ is always related to overall changes which Ayurveda addresses with the treatment. Ayurveda Clinic Bansko is a model Bulgarian example for this overall approach. An Indian team of licensed doctors has been treating all types of diseases for many years now.

Diseases are provoked by an unhealthy lifestyle – nutrition, work, relax. If you follow your predetermined rules of existence, you will be healthy. In case you dont respect them, you will provoke modifications of your own body that cause diseases.

It is a simple logic but many people ignore it by finding excuses and more important aims. Thats why Ayurveda relies on the conscious choice of the individual.

People have to realize that the striving to happiness means in the first place striving to health. Because health means happiness, indeed. No one can be happy being sick and deficient.

For this reason the patient should realize what provoked his diseases and what he or she should change in his/her life. To demonstrate wish and strength for change, to quit his harmful habits, by following the advices of the Ayurveda doctor.

Ayurveda – philosophy and medicine

Ayurveda is indeed a philosophy doctrine of the Ancient Indian wise men that addresses the Creation of the Universe and the Nature and the Human Being as its projections. The main concept consists of that all components should be in complete Harmony that is predetermined for the human existence, for our bodies, lifestyle, and relationships.

The medical branch of Ayurveda developed on the grounds of  this philosophy over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda treatment means recovering the lost balance of the three energy types that make up the body – Doshas. The Doshas are related to the Five Components of Creation.

Vata Dosha is understood as the combination of space and air. Fire and water correspond to Pitta Dosha. The third one, Kapha Dosha, corresponds to water and earth.

The three energies are in a unique combination in every individual and given to every person in a certain balance since he/she is born. Disturbing the balance leads to physiological and psychological health issues.

In practical aspect, it is easy for western people to understand that diseases come as a result of accumulated toxins in the body. They are foreign intruders for the regular body activity which damage the organs and disturb the systems functioning.

Poisonous substances are accumulated mostly because of poor nutrition – bad choice of unhealthy food and poor eating habits. With the course of time pesticides, heavy metals, free radicals, etc. accumulate in the body and poison its cells, organs and systems.

That is why a basic point of the Ayurveda treatment is purification of the body and recovering its natural state of abilities for self-protection and self-development.

It is clear that the phase and type of the disease are also important. The treatment might require only some procedures or a complete curing complex of therapies, including daily timetable, nutrition, spiritual activities might be necessary.

The body purification is completely natural and combines external procedures called Purvakarma, with internal ones – Panchakarma.

 The external procedures, including pouring healing oils, massages, rubbing herbs, herbs sauna, prepare the body for the internal purification through laxative and cleansing procedures.