Vellore, A City with Rich Historical Legacy

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Vellore town in Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist destination because of its historical legacy and the imposing Vellore Fort, its most famous attraction. The city has also developed into a major commercial and educational hub. Vellore is located at just 140 kms from Chennai and can be reached within 3 hours in a reliable taxi from Chennai to VelloreHiring Chennai outstation taxi will also ensure that your journey is safe and comfortable, Here is a list of popular historical attractions in Vellore.

Vellore Fort: It is a monument that is a must-visit during your trip to Vellore. This spectacular and imposing fort will definitely impress you with its architecture and grandness. The Vellore fort is a prime example of advanced military architecture. It has a huge moat running around it.

It was built sometime in the 13th century and is a brilliant testimony of the skills of European engineering. Vellore Fort was the centre point of many wars that took place among dynasties seeking to take control of the city. This Fort is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India and also houses a museum maintained by the Department of Museum Government of Tamil Nadu. It showcases artefacts, weapons and items of past rulers. To have maximum fun during your trip to Vellore, book taxi in Chennai from a reliable service provider.

Jalakandeswara Temple: Also called Jvarakandeswara temple, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located within the Vellore fort. It was named Jalakandeswarar, meaning lord of the water, as it is located at a slightly lower height than the temple moat. The Jalagandeeswarar Temple has a large open ground in the front where devotees offer prayers and conduct rituals. Sometimes marriages are also performed in this space to seek the blessings of main deity, Lord Shiva. There is a covered passage around the temple that is used by devotees for circumambulation. At the entry point there are two huge ‘dwarapalakas’, about eight feet tall, that look wonderful in blue granite.

Sripuram Golden Temple: Located at a distance of 10 km from Vellore Town, Sripuram Golden Temple is dedicated to goddess Mahalakshmi. It is one of the most famous temples in Tamil Nadu and famous for its design and opulence as it was built using 1500 kilograms of gold.

Built in the year of 2007, Sripuram temple is arguably the biggest structure made out of gold. The ArdhaMandapa and Vimana have been coated with gold both from the interior and exterior. The temple complex is sprawled in an area of 100 acres area.  It is built in Dravidian style of architecture and showcase brilliant carvings and artistic work. It is estimated that it was constructed with a cost of Rs 600 crore. The design of Sripuram represents a star-shaped path covering a length of more than 1.8 km. The temple is located around beautifully maintained lush green landscape.

Sri Margabandeswarar Temple: Situated at 13 km from Vellore city centre, Sri Margabandeswarar Temple is a 13th century temple famous for its intricate sculptures and artistic pillars. It was built in the 13th Century by Chola Kings. The prime deity of this temple is Swayambu Lingam, also known as Margabandeeswarar. There are other deities in the temple as well including Lord Brahma, who is worshiped as Virinjan.  The temple is a brilliant example of Dravidian temple architecture.

Vellore Fort Mosque: It is situated inside the Vellore Fort and also known as NawabChanda Sahib Mosque. The entrance of the mosque is on the northern side of the Vellore Fort and still stands in good shape. It was constructed using Brick and lime in Indo-Saracenic style of architcture. It is beautifully decorated with floral designs.