Where Are The Best Cycling Spots In Europe?

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A cycling holiday is an excellent way to see different parts of Europe whilst getting some much-needed exercise at the same time. If you have never embarked on a cycling holiday before, then you might not know where the best trails and routes actually are.

Read this helpful guide in order to learn about some of the best cycling trails that this beautiful part of the world has to offer.


England has beautiful scenery and it has the perfect mix of hills (such as the Peak District) and flat terrain (such as the Norfolk Broads). This mixture of terrain will provide you will a different type of ride during the separate stages of your holiday. You can test yourself to the limit as you ride up sheer hills or you can coast along on flat farmland, passing animals and fields as you are cycling.

This is also one of the best spots in the world for safe cycling holidays. Look at several different areas to make sure that the holiday is varied.


Germany is a nation that is obsessed with cycling, so it should come as no surprise to learn that there are dozens of different routes that thousands of visitors flock to every year in order to have a cycling holiday.

The Baltic coast is one of the most breath-taking stretches of coastline in the whole of Europe, and it is perfect for cycling. Going from near the Danish border, right along the coast, riders will be able to see historic towns such as Lubeck, which is home to some of the most beautiful churches in Germany. The coast is also home to the castle at Glucksburg, which has an impressive moat.


Slovenia is something of a hidden gem and should be explored by anyone who is passionate about cycling. Even though it is a small country, there are lots of different cycling trails to be discovered. Lake Bled is home to a historic town and has wonderful scenery. The Alps can be seen overlooking the town. This is a perfect place for cycling, as you will explore the Triglav National Park on two wheels and marvel at the wonderful flora and fauna.


France is the site of the world-famous Tour, where the top professionals push themselves to the limit in order to win the coveted yellow jersey. People can follow the route of the Tour on their own cycling holiday.


Spain is home to flamenco and paella, but it is also a country renowned for the quality of its cycling trails. The lush beauty of the landscape and the enchanting nature of cities such as Barcelona make this one of the best places to explore on two wheels. Between Cordoba and Granada, there is a paved road that was the route of the Moors when they first came to Spain from North Africa. Today, you can cycle along it at your leisure, taking in the spectacular scenery.

Use this guide to plan a cycling holiday in Europe.