Why Choose Singapore Tour Packages to Your Next Holidays List?

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Whether you have been to or never been to Singapore, it is one of the most happening places in the world. Thousands of people travel to Singapore from all over the world for business and leisure tour, especially from different parts of India. If you are staying in Mumbai and you are looking for options to take a tour to foreign destinations nearby India, then you should choose Singapore tour packages directly from Mumbai for your next holidays.

Located at the Malay Peninsula which is made up of 63 islands, Singapore is one of the small islands. Do not be misguided by the size of the country because it is speedily developing country with modern infrastructure and facilities. Singapore is a hub for business centres and one of the Asia’s top four financial centres. It is blessed with mind boggling natural beauties including beaches, wildlife, museums, shopping and much more. Some of the popular destinations also include Singapore Zoo, Botanical Garden, Bird Sanctuary, and historical buildings. Needless to say about the exciting night life that Singapore offers to its tourists. Pubs, clubs, bar and much more, the list is never ending. There are several other reasons which will make curious to add Singapore to your next holidays.

  1. Lip Smacking Food Cuisines

Singapore has a mixed population of Malaysians, Indians, Chinese and Philippines, because of which you have the benefit of enjoying different types of cuisines in Singapore. Even the roadside food stalls are good, hygienic and within budget. You will be fully satisfied with the service and quality of the food.

  1. Green Lush Gardens and Parks

If want to take break from city life and spend quality picnic time with your family and friends in green lush gardens or parks, then Singapore can make your dream come true. It has some of the most beautiful and well maintained gardens that will win your heart.

  1. Best Public Transportation Connectivity

Travelling in Singapore becomes simple and budget friendly because it has the best public transport system in the world. The entire city is well connected and you can travel to almost all the locations using the public transport. If you are staying for a week or more then you can use the RFID card which will help you in travel with ease.

  1. Clean and Safe City

Singaporeans take cleanliness on the top of their priority. They do not people littering or spitting here and there. The Singapore government is also very keen on keeping their city very clean and safe. Female travellers can be assured that it is safe to travel to Singapore.

  1. Impeccable Beauty

The entire Malay Peninsula is so beautiful that it feels like specially blessed. Apart from Singapore, if you are choosing a tour package from Mumbai, then you can also opt for adding few days in Malaysia or Bangkok. The nearby countries are also so beautiful that you will fall in love with it!

We are sure that some of these reasons must have already made you curious to look for Singapore tour packages options. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your power packed vacation and keep us posted with your experience!