Working With Movers When Moving To New Jersey

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New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the union by area. It is also one of the largest states in the United States by population. Many people choose to move to New Jersey from another part of the country. They might do so to take a job, be closer to family or leave a New York City apartment behind for a large New Jersey house with a backyard. A move from another state to New Jersey must be planned carefully. All details must be nailed day at least a month in advance. While the state is compact, it is home to over nine million people and many municipalities. Moving through the state often means crossing many highways and bridges while going through more than one country along the way. Moving from another state also means transporting goods across state lines. Fortunately, there are many movers in New Jersey who can assist clients when they come here in search of a new home.

Understanding New Jersey Geography

An ideal mover should understand all aspects of New Jersey geography. New Jersey is generally divided into Northern Jersey, Central Jersey and Southern Jersey. Each region requires careful navigation in order to avoid issues such as traffic, road construction and other obstructions that can make shipping goods here harder. For example, a mover should now how to get items to a house on along the Jersey shore via the exits on the Garden State Parkway or how best get from New York City to a house in the suburbs. The state is also crisscrossed by several rivers including the Passaic River. Such rivers may flood during the winter or spring after heavy rain or snow leading to problems on certain highways such as Highway 46. An effective mover should have a plan in place just in case the climate presents such problems.

Licensing and Other Important Details

Movers in New Jersey are required to be licensed by the Division of Consumer Affairs when conducting all moves within the state. While such licensing is not required for an out of state move, many consumers find it helpful to have a licensed mover who clearly knows the state and all state moving laws. Working with bonded and licensed movers in New Jersey helps make sure that all moves are conducted by trained professionals who will adhere to all necessary state regulations and make sure items are moved safely so as to avoid potential damage. The state keeps a list of complaints that have been filed against moving companies. A licensed mover is one who has met all professional state standards in order to keep their license.