Your Simplified Guide for Enjoying the Best of Savannah!

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Located in Georgia, Savanna is a delight for any traveler. It is one of the most amazing and affordable choices for honeymooners, and with its Spanish moss, this place offers a feeling that’s quite similar to Charleston. While Savanna is known for its incredible eccentricity, you will also have blast exploring the history and now-famous nightlife of this place. In this post, we will talk about a few things that you can enjoy here.

  1. Visit the Forsyth Park: The Historic District of Savannah is well known and this 30-acre park is situated is located right at the center. The memorials of the Spanish-American War are a sight you cannot miss, while you will also love the Forsyth Fountain. There’s also a Candler Oak tree that’s over 300 years old. Some of the historic sites are pretty close within a short distance. Keep your camera handy, as there’s a lot to see here.
  1. Take a history tour: A special history tour is one of the many things to do in Savannah GA. Typically, such tours last for one to two hours. There are companies that organize these tours, and you can discover the history of Georgia in a new way. Savannah’s story started in the year 1733, but after that a lot has happened. Now, the good thing is you don’t need to be bored with any one option. Not fond of architecture? Never mind, because there are tours that will help you discover other things, right from photography to special ghost tours that are now pretty famous.

  1. Go shopping: If you are done with the Historic District, you can head to the City Market, where you can find some amazing places to eat and shop. The food here is a delight, and the cafes have an old charm that’s hard to miss. You can also take a special carriage tour here, which is one of the many things to do. The boutiques sell some really authentic stuff, which can be taken back as souvenirs. You will need other two hours to explore the entire City Market.

Other things to do

If you are in Savannah, you cannot miss the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Alter of the cathedral, made of Italian Marble, looks stunning, while the gold leaf designs are well known to travelers. The glass windows of the building are stained in stunning colors. Among the other things to do while in Savannah, GAz includes a tour of the Bonaventure Cemetery, which might seem odd but is quite popular with tourists. Also, there are quite a few options in terms of spa services, which can be enjoyed on a honeymoon.

There are many portals that can arrange for your vacation here, which can be a good way to explore the region. You can choose tours and packages that suit your personal interests, and don’t miss the spooky tours can be a new experience altogether. Check online to find more about Savannah – A place that defines Georgia in many ways!

Author Bio: Richard Fernandez is a blogger and a traveler by profession. He has been to Georgia twice and has great experience of the place, especially Savannah.